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  1. PMark commented on Rip Haywire 14 days ago

    Ummm, What happened to him working for Dutch to wipe out Skull?

  2. PMark commented on Rip Haywire 15 days ago

    Quoting Shakespeare. The new Mrs. Haywire’s civilizing influence is already beginning to tell on our intrepid hero.

  3. PMark commented on Rip Haywire 17 days ago

    Well, Cobra, you’re welcome to him.

  4. PMark commented on Rip Haywire 20 days ago

    Ah, how sweet! Breezy knows how to speak Rip’s love language.


  5. PMark commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 20 days ago

    “My” unicorn?!?

  6. PMark commented on Stone Soup 21 days ago

    The only problem is a dishwasher tends to clean and sterilize far better than washing by hand. The plastic never seems to get completely clean when done by hand.

    I’ve also found that the type of detergent you put in the washer has a great effect on how well it cleans. If you put in the cheap stuff, you get cheap results. If you put in the good stuff, you get good results.

  7. PMark commented on Pickles 21 days ago

    You can relax all you want, Earl. Just remember YOU have to cleanup after yourself.

  8. PMark commented on Rip Haywire 22 days ago

    @Dodger Bleu:

    “Breezy has a sillier last name than Cobra.”

    How do you figure that? Breezy’s maiden name was McDonald. We know this because she is the daughter of her Uncle Spur’s brother:

    And her uncle’s full name is “Spur McDonald”:

    So in what way is McDonald a “sillier” last name than Carson? I am afraid I don’t follow.

  9. PMark commented on Rip Haywire 23 days ago

    This seems appropriate:

  10. PMark commented on Rip Haywire 24 days ago

    I once thought Dan made a mistake in marrying Rip and Breezy. They seemed to be so unequally yoked. I thought Cobra was a better spouse for Rip, but I was wrong. Rip and Breezy are perfect for each other.

    Breezy is especially kind and very tenderhearted and a little naive at times, but she is no pushover. She stands her ground demanding respect as Rip’s equal partner in marriage. Rip quickly learned that if she doesn’t get it, he is in deep do-do.

    Breezy also accepts Rip for what he is. Yes, she was attracted to him at first by his incredible good looks, but if all Rip had to offer was good looks alone, she would never have stayed involved with him. Remember what happened when Cobra lied and told her that Rip was a deadbeat dad?

    Breezy knows that while she might succeed in smoothing some of Rip’s rough edges (what woman doesn’t try to do that with the man she loves?), trying to change Rip’s essential nature would be wrong. Rip Haywire is an adrenalin junkie. He must seek out danger and adventure. Otherwise he would cease being Rip, and Breezy knows and accepts that.

    And finally Rip and Breezy trust each other. This is the most important thing of all. A man and wife have to be able to trust each other. They must know that even when differences arise (such as in today’s strip), when the chips are down, they have to be able to trust that they each had the other one’s back.

    Rip could never trust Cobra. This strip illustrates their relationship perfectly:

    Backstabbing is Cobra’s essential nature. If that ever was to change, Cobra would cease being Cobra and would become someone else, someone not Cobra. So Rip could never fully trust her, and as such their relationship would of necessity be limited.

    Congratulations, Dan. You are a genius. :)