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  1. PMark commented on Rip Haywire about 19 hours ago

    Congratulations Rip and Breezy. May you have a long life of happiness together. And may Dan never put you through another Catpocalypse.

  2. PMark commented on Wizard of Id 6 days ago

    Not to sound like a commercial, but since we switched to Ooma for our telephone service, we haven’t had a single SPAM call. :)

    Of course, if the Internet goes out, so does your phone service. :(

  3. PMark commented on Luann 10 days ago

    Jonah is projecting.

  4. PMark commented on Luann 13 days ago

    Something is about to break.

  5. PMark commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 17 days ago

    I wonder if they have a “Goah Way”?

  6. PMark commented on Rose is Rose 21 days ago

    You would think that after all these years, he would know his wife taste for spice better than that.

  7. PMark commented on Shoe 22 days ago

    Mormon archaeologist.
    Open minded liberal.
    Thrifty congressman.
    Intelligent celebrity.

    You must be a non-Mormon, non-liberal who is obviously very open-minded towards Mormons, liberals, congressmen, and celebrities. :)

  8. PMark commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 23 days ago

    No, they are not ALL six-sided. That is certainly the “ideal” shape, but “ideal” growing conditions seldom occurs.

    Let’s just say that the snowflake tries its hardest to be six-sided, but due to circumstances beyond its control, it doesn’t always succeed.

  9. PMark commented on Graffiti 23 days ago


  10. PMark commented on Stone Soup 28 days ago

    When did Grandma get back?