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  1. Dwrich commented on Jack Ohman 9 months ago

    Please read what he really said before shooting him

  2. Dwrich commented on Mike Lester 12 months ago

    Apostrophe abuse! Lets get it write!

  3. Dwrich commented on Bob Gorrell 12 months ago

    Mislabelling: “workers”

  4. Dwrich commented on Steve Kelley over 1 year ago

    Obama got the Nobel Prize for not being Bush. That’s all.

  5. Dwrich commented on Chuck Asay over 1 year ago

    Abortion to save the life of the woman or in the case of sexual assault, I can accept. Abortion for birth control I cannot. Rationalize it all you want, these are human beings being killed. If it is for convenience or to prevent poverty, we might as well start killing off “not-productive” members of the population. It would really save on welfare, health care, and social security costs. That’s one way to balance a budget.