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  1. Dwrich commented on Jack Ohman almost 3 years ago

    Please read what he really said before shooting him

  2. Dwrich commented on Mike Lester almost 3 years ago

    Apostrophe abuse! Lets get it write!

  3. Dwrich commented on Bob Gorrell almost 3 years ago

    Mislabelling: “workers”

  4. Dwrich commented on Steve Kelley over 3 years ago

    Obama got the Nobel Prize for not being Bush. That’s all.

  5. Dwrich commented on Chuck Asay over 3 years ago

    Abortion to save the life of the woman or in the case of sexual assault, I can accept. Abortion for birth control I cannot. Rationalize it all you want, these are human beings being killed. If it is for convenience or to prevent poverty, we might as well start killing off “not-productive” members of the population. It would really save on welfare, health care, and social security costs. That’s one way to balance a budget.