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  1. Ivan4u commented on Dan Wasserman almost 4 years ago

    Another myth fostered by sensationalist media. Hah!

  2. Ivan4u commented on (th)ink almost 4 years ago

    If you put healthy young men & women together, guess what’s gonna happen? And please do not even pretend to be surprised!

  3. Ivan4u commented on Scott Stantis almost 4 years ago

    Obama originated the Sequestration. Now, by refusing to negotiate or compromise, Obama is causing it to go into effect, just like he planned. All that’s left is to blame someone else!

  4. Ivan4u commented on Gary Markstein almost 4 years ago

    Not nearly as dangerous as Obama’s unregulated drones.

  5. Ivan4u commented on Chris Britt almost 4 years ago

    Obama is unwilling to compromise or negotiate. Obama has the fault here.

  6. Ivan4u commented on Views of the World almost 4 years ago

    Not all Americans feel that way. We see Obama using the CIA to fight a war instead of the military. This is not okay with us. We know they can use the drones against us in the same way, and one day probably will. I did not vote for King Obama.

  7. Ivan4u commented on Marshall Ramsey almost 4 years ago

    Obama refuses to negotiate. He is going to single-handedly shut down the Government. Then threaten to only pay the bills HE wants to pay.

  8. Ivan4u commented on Bob Gorrell almost 4 years ago

    So, you want us ALL to be poor & vote Demoncrat?