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  1. ButWaitCallNow commented on Michael Ramirez about 3 years ago

    The only thing wrong with this cartoon is Z should be sitting on a Democrat donkey instead of a horse.

  2. ButWaitCallNow commented on Pickles about 3 years ago

    What’s the problem? Doesn’t everybody know that God made a few perfect heads and hid the rest under hair?

  3. ButWaitCallNow commented on B.C. over 3 years ago

    A new twist on the Sisyphean myth.

  4. ButWaitCallNow commented on Mixed Medications over 3 years ago

    These folks deserve a mention in Calvin’s journal.

  5. ButWaitCallNow commented on Gray Matters over 3 years ago

    He’ not half the man he used to be, and he never was.

  6. ButWaitCallNow commented on Pearls Before Swine over 3 years ago

    Maybe the fish is “channeling” H.Chavez.

  7. ButWaitCallNow commented on Pickles over 3 years ago

    Maybe it’s not Earl’s hearing that’s the problem. TV folks don’t always speak clearly. My hearing’s just fine but for a long time I thought they were talking about “just a beaver” (which didn’t make any sense…but neither does most TV in general). Found out later it was some kid singer they were referring to.

  8. ButWaitCallNow commented on The Grizzwells over 3 years ago

    Yeah! And maybe he never saw Ozzie Smith play (or flip) either. He sure missed something special.

  9. ButWaitCallNow commented on Get Fuzzy over 3 years ago

    But wait! Call now and get a second one free. Just pay separate P&H (of approximately twice as much as the price of the made-in-China piece of junk you’ll probably never use.) Allow 3-18 weeks for delivery.

  10. ButWaitCallNow commented on Bottomliners over 3 years ago

    Maybe the House; it doesn’t get that far in the Senate.