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  1. t0c commented on Frazz 6 days ago

    I used to hate plants in the water for two reasons – they felt disgusting between my toes, and I couldn’t tell what was hiding in them (in lakes, that would be broken glass, rusty metal, and snapping turtles).

  2. t0c commented on Little Dog Lost 10 months ago

    This is wrong, or a myth. I’ve ALWAYS been able to tickle myself. Which can be very annoying if you try to scratch an itch in the wrong spot.

  3. t0c commented on Aunty Acid 11 months ago

    I love shopping for clothes, and I am neither rich nor skinny. Every Wednesday on 1/2 price for clothes day, I head to the Salvation Army store to stock up on Hawaiian shirts, denim jackets, neckties, and t shirts – which I sell on eBay. It’s like a treasure hunt! Now shopping for MY clothes is another matter – that’s a pain.

  4. t0c commented on Working Daze 11 months ago

    He actually did an interview where he said something to the effect that the proper price for the drug was higher than what he raised it to, according to some pricing formula. He actually thinks that that makes it acceptable to price drugs out of the ability of most people to afford them. And he probably wonders why healthcare is so expensive.

  5. t0c commented on Flo and Friends 11 months ago

    Also, not everyone is physically capable of such activities. I have to use a walker, and beaches are OUT. Fortunately, I got my seashell hunting in early.

  6. t0c commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not about 1 year ago

    My mother was tall but extremely thin. When she was a teenager she ate, daily, 2 of each meal plus several large snacks just to maintain weight. She was eventually treated for thyroid disease, but doctors only diagnose that in extreme cases.

  7. t0c commented on Zack Hill about 1 year ago

    There are also second hand bookstores and if necessary eBay may have what you need cheap. Oh, and back in the 60s where I went to school, we didn’t have summer reading lists, just library contests, with free movie tickets for prizes.

  8. t0c commented on Betty about 1 year ago

    I’ve been wearing Crocs for 9 years now. They are very comfortable, after wearing them for an hour they conform perfectly to my high arches and give just the right amount of support. If I’m going to go on a long walk, I do wear socks – too much sand around here otherwise. They may be ugly, but I no longer have to spend weeks trying to find a new pair of shoes that fit right. Long live Crocs!

  9. t0c commented on Andy Capp about 1 year ago

    Why is it unfortunate? No one hurts, people connect, make friends, the world is a bit happier. GoComics hasn’t complained, and they are footing the bill.

  10. t0c commented on Stone Soup over 1 year ago

    Funny thing, my older cousin is Valerie, I’m Tonda. And she was the wild one who was told “Why can’t you be more like Tonda”.

    Tonda, by the way, was a compromise name. I was meant to be named after my grandfathers, Elmer Sylvester, but God had mercy and made me a girl. So they used the name of a refugee from the Congo who was interviewed on the radio (it means “Thank you, God”). Which I suppose they thought was preferable to naming me after my grandmothers, Mary Florence.