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  1. kenscottx1 commented on Rob Rogers almost 4 years ago

    IF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS OPPRESSIVE, then maybe some of it should be taken down. By this, I mean some of it should be changed to represent the wishes of the people instead of the personal views of the Federal judges and those forcing their liberal agenda on the populace.

    And, for the record, I am not a Tea Party member. I am not Republican, and I am absolutely not a Democrat. I am what I feel all voters should be – an Independent.

  2. kenscottx1 commented on Clay Bennett almost 4 years ago

    First, a company cannot have an ethical opinion and must obey the Federal government mandate. After all, it is a company and not an individual.

    What is next? Will places of worship be treated as institutions and not individuals and forced to obey Federal mandate as well?

    I think the goal of Obama, and many Liberals, is quite clear now and their answer to the second question is a resounding YES.

  3. kenscottx1 commented on Matt Wuerker almost 4 years ago

    Historical Revisionism for the liberal. BTW, read the writings of the original authors and there is no freaking way one could arrive at any point of validity for this strip.

  4. kenscottx1 commented on Lalo Alcaraz almost 4 years ago

    Must be nice to live in ignorant bliss and think the government, or police, are going to protect you from the bad guys.

    Honestly, how can anyone think taking guns away from honest citizens is going to stop the crime? How stupid can one be?

  5. kenscottx1 commented on Marshall Ramsey almost 4 years ago

    Disrespectful to the Nth degree. But hey, who seems to care about respect anymore?

  6. kenscottx1 commented on Tony Auth almost 4 years ago

    Just to think what would have happened if personnel at the school did have adequate protection. Do you think the massacre would have been as great? In short, I seriously doubt it .