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  1. wereman commented on Endtown 22 days ago

    That’s a pretty clean edge…

  2. wereman commented on Endtown 7 months ago

    hmm… looks like the doc’s got a new guinea pig…

  3. wereman commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 8 months ago

    about the gun, it breaks quickly.

  4. wereman commented on Ink Pen 9 months ago

    hmm… the mind control thing worked pretty well for emperor mollusk.

  5. wereman commented on Endtown 10 months ago

    or… it could be an empty room, and the councilor(s) are elsewhere.

  6. wereman commented on Endtown 10 months ago

    it could also be an AI.

  7. wereman commented on Savage Chickens 10 months ago

    just like to point out that the ratio of carbon atoms to hydrogen atoms to oxygen atoms in a sugar molecule is always 1:2:1, so the C should also be an 11. ok I’m done being know-it-all now.

  8. wereman commented on Endtown 12 months ago

    I have a feeling this will turn out to be another Boston Massacre.

    also, I have a little theory about the rats: because most mutations are pretty unique the individual, even if there are some similarities, no two mutations are the same… except for the rats. Because of this, my theory is that they were actually rats before the mutagen outbreak, and were effected differently than humans.

  9. wereman commented on Lost Side of Suburbia about 1 year ago

    you can see the whole image if you use the zoom tool.

  10. wereman commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not about 1 year ago

    beer, sausage, and chicken flavored ice cream? that’s nothing compared to some Japanese flavors.