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  1. jrep commented on Agnes about 1 month ago

    Hey! Don’t bad mouth Ohio. I was raised in Wisconsin. Now I live in Ohio. Although it’s been a particularly nasty winter, so it has been throughout the country. I find Ohio to be a great alternative to Wisconsin in the winter. Besides, the summers are excellent.

  2. jrep commented on Bottomliners 4 months ago

    Promise to vote Democrat. It beats working!

  3. jrep commented on Farcus 5 months ago

    Good one!

  4. jrep commented on Bound and Gagged 5 months ago

    Brought a smile. Now let’s see how he does if given a chisel and a block of marble.

  5. jrep commented on Bottomliners 5 months ago

    I thought Press Secretary Jay wore glasses…and they were rose colored.

  6. jrep commented on Close to Home 5 months ago

    Most likely this is one of the few to have signed up for ObamaCare. Good Luck!

  7. jrep commented on Jeff Stahler 10 months ago

    Mitt would have shown his leadership qualities to deal with Putin. Whereas Obama is too busy campaigning and taking an obscenely expensive vacation to Africa.

  8. jrep commented on Bound and Gagged 11 months ago

    I would like to quote from a friend of mine who happens to be a very successful mime: “ ”

  9. jrep commented on Jeff Stahler 11 months ago

    We can’t blame Obama. He hasn’t done anything.

  10. jrep commented on Agnes 11 months ago

    No problem. Tomorrow is a federal holiday. No school.