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  1. jrep commented on Lola 3 months ago

    Kudos for Max. Adding him to the Lola strip was a plus.

  2. jrep commented on Pickles 3 months ago

    As a lifetime reader of comics and now a senior citizen myself, I would like to compliment Brian Crane. His comic strip is a joy to read each day. Great art and great situations. Earl is fun to relate to. (Sorry, for ending that sentence with a preposition).

  3. jrep commented on Pickles 10 months ago

    …or very wise in his senior years.

  4. jrep commented on Lola 10 months ago

    More Max in 2016!

  5. jrep commented on The Duplex 11 months ago

    Good one! Eno sure serves on a lot of juries. Usually, he is the foreman yet. He may be a lazy slob, but he seems to be pretty civic minded. There’s a little bit of good in the worst of us.

  6. jrep commented on U.S. Acres 12 months ago

    I bet Lanolin would do great in politics. She could even change her name to Hillary.

  7. jrep commented on Agnes about 1 year ago

    Oops! My bad. I misspelled Agnes. Don’t want her to release her ire on me.

  8. jrep commented on Agnes about 1 year ago

    Agnus’s interests are many; her successes are few. But, I enjoy sharing her tenacity. Good work, Tony. Keep them coming.

  9. jrep commented on Off the Mark about 1 year ago

    I personally have no problem with kale. My objection is to cilantro. Restaurants can’t seem to come up with new dishes that do not have cilantro as an ingredient. Terrible tasting stuff!

  10. jrep commented on Momma about 1 year ago

    Francis may have his own apartment, but did he really move out?