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  1. gustep12 commented on Doonesbury almost 5 years ago

    Did you notice the last panel? Sam’s eyes changed from “child eyes” to “doonesbury eyes” :)

  2. gustep12 commented on Doonesbury over 7 years ago

    Eeww… The cigarette lighter thing in the Porsche was a really gross image. I bet there is some actual real-life precedent for this, because this is too weird to dream up.

  3. gustep12 commented on Doonesbury over 7 years ago

    LOLOLOL!! Well written, GT sees right through all of this self-important web stuff.

  4. gustep12 commented on Calvin and Hobbes almost 8 years ago

    That’s German. This is the standard response a Nazi soldier would have given to Hitler, I think. Kinda like “Yes, Sir!”, only implying it’s being said in Nazi Germany. Same goes for the heel click and raised hand.