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  1. alcluin commented on Big Nate about 17 hours ago

    They arrest parents that let a child use a bush now .

  2. alcluin commented on Heart of the City about 20 hours ago

    Noooo … its battery Assault occurred when they made them fear they would be Harmed.

  3. alcluin commented on Heart of the City 3 days ago

    Google it assault is the making one fear you are going to battery is the actual touching . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assault

    thus the crime of assault and battery .

  4. alcluin commented on Freshly Squeezed 4 days ago

    They are much easier to read on a kindle allows for alternate books if the one you have is not up to par.

    I usually have 4 or more books partial read at any given time . It was a source of irritation for my 1st EX she could barley stand to read 1 book . She never could grasp that its possible to read and keep tract of several at once .

  5. alcluin commented on Cul de Sac 4 days ago

    I feel your pain I attended 14 schools by the 10 th grade in 6 states . Being the new kid bites .

    You are always behind in the classes just due to the fact you moved never mind the difference in what is considered grade level materials and what the new teachers priorities are .
    I gave up half way tru 10th dropped out as I was considered failing but when I took the GED and passed it easily saved me lots of sitting bored in classes .

  6. alcluin commented on Chip Bok 5 days ago

    They have a right to refuse service to anyone as long as it is not for a purpose listed as discrimination in the various Laws dealing with it.

    When you acquire a bossiness license you are agreeing to follow any and all laws pertaining to it. Thus relinquishing the right to discriminate . The same as a political hack trying to claim his religion forbids him to issue a license If he has a problem preforming the job should never have run for office you do not get to dictate to your employer what job functions you will preform .

  7. alcluin commented on Dogs of C-Kennel 5 days ago

    S-He is deluded and thinks that because his god says so it must be . But the commandment they use to verify it says clearly no God before me not that he is the only one .
    And the command is to the Jewish not everyone .

    The arrogance intrudes when they try to make it out to be the one and only truth . They love to scream and shout about the rights of Christians from one side of the mouth while at the same time from the other proclaiming others do not have the right to their beliefs because this is a country built on christian values only.

  8. alcluin commented on Dogs of C-Kennel 5 days ago

    Aye I must agree Church is the place for sermons .

  9. alcluin commented on Heart of the City 6 days ago

    Tis best to just close the door so you do not have to see it . Never saw the need to make a bed I was just going to mess up again in a few hours .

  10. alcluin commented on Jim Morin 6 days ago

    Only in the minds of a very few . Just like not every black male stands on a street corner with his pants at his knees selling crack of both types .

    Yes there are a few twisted individuals that see the flag as a symbol to rally around for hatred . But there are many more that simply see it as a Southerner pride thing Same as a New Yorker and the Big Apple thing .

    I can not control what someone else thinks of it any more than I can change what some see Young Black men as . Yet anyone that can open their eyes and see for themselves far more young black men work hard and try to support their families Than have kids with 6 different women and sit on the corner not working and living on welfare .

    Its never a simple thing of its only this way Lets quit allowing the hate mongers on all sides to control us .