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  1. alcluin commented on Pickles 2 days ago

    The handshake has outlived its purpose . To prove that one did not have a knife in ones weapon hand when meeting others .

  2. alcluin commented on Pickles 7 days ago

    Welcome to American English 101 all you have to do is wait and it will become the newest way to pronunciate it .

  3. alcluin commented on Drabble 7 days ago

    Nah I have two exferal’s here . Everyone said no way to tame them but it just takes patience and time . within six week’s of the first try had them allowing me to pet and handle them .
    Now of course I would suggest that you not attempt too without a formal introduction they either run and hide or if eating defend their turf at the food bowl.

  4. alcluin commented on Get Fuzzy 10 days ago

    Only difference was the mob would pay up and not over a 20 year period or take 40% .

  5. alcluin commented on Get Fuzzy 10 days ago

    It goes to tax incentives to mega corp to build a office in the state tax free for 10 years at which time they are already looking for the next place to get a better deal to move too .

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  8. alcluin commented on Luann 10 days ago

    band-aid the nurse took care of it .

  9. alcluin commented on Luann 10 days ago

    Unt6il it was litigated to impotency by those with free taxpayer medical care by virtue of being elected it was not a bad program.

    Notice I said bad program nowhere perfect as is nothing that can get past congress with each one voting attaching and editing it to suit . But it was a semi-decent compromise .

    Then the grand-standers got involved wanting their daily dose of media attention . Shouting from their multimillion dollar palaces about how it was going to impoverish them overnight if anyone had insurance to go see a doctor. What most like yourself fail to realize is you pay a 1000% more later when they end up in a intensive care unit . Because the easy to treat condition has progressively lead to more dire problems .
    And they reach a point where the privately held hospital gouges the government on indigent critical care .

    Uninsured end up billed for all the discounts given to big insurance companies with inflated charges for everything from a non aspirin tablet @ $12 each at one locale hospital per tablet that wholesale runs @ .004 cents each in bulk.

  10. alcluin commented on Trivquiz 11 days ago

    Simple He decides what triv goes in each day . If ya doesn’t like what you see don’t look anymore .