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  1. alcluin GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann 4 days ago

    Have a friend that looks to everyone that dose not knows her well like a T J .
    Self centered ego size of a Texan’s and a New Yorker combined . Always appears to be pulling a scam. But those of us that really know her realize its a front put up to keep from getting close to anyone . She has huge issues with trust . She can be one of the kindest most giving persons you will ever find . But dose it quietly to avoid attention from the ones that might use her .

  2. alcluin GoComics Pro Member commented on The Elderberries 22 days ago

    Too bad it was all a propaganda program in the 50’s to stop the Godless Commie pink-O’s .
    The real first thanksgiving was in Jamestown Va Quite a few years prior to the Pilgrims supposed landing at Plymouth rock .
    Along wit the pledge of allegiance and adding in god we trust to everything they could .

    Just goes to show government can not even be trusted to teach the kid’s truthful and factual information . When its not convenient or goes against their goal’s .

  3. alcluin GoComics Pro Member commented on Non Sequitur 2 months ago

    A problem is that we want the world to be logical and understandable, and we want people to act in a way that feels right and makes sense to us. That’s true of most people in most countries. There are difficulties in that, though.

    What makes sense to us doesn’t make sense to them?

    We have different beliefs about what we feel is right and makes sense. We take for granted certain beliefs or truths. Other cultures take for granted other truths. According to our truths, “their behaviour is not right”, and “according to their truths, our behaviour is not right.”

    So which is right? I can’t say, . I don’t know their truths.

    That’s the logical answer. It’s also an answer you will need to keep to yourself. Why?
    Because everyone around us believes their truths are right? “And seek to punish in some manner Those that do not believe as they are told to do .”

    People do not like their beliefs challenged. They want certainty, and they want everyone to follow their way, because they are convinced that their way is the only right way.
    Oh, there are a few open-minded people about, but far fewer than claim they are.
    Just listen and watch day to day their actions and word’s betray them !

  4. alcluin GoComics Pro Member commented on Dilbert Classics 7 months ago

    The colorists do not look at the words as usually they are added later . The artist marks each are with the color number he wants.
    Basically paint by number Scott might have purposely mislabeled it to see if anyone caught it.

    Nice page to see the process is here http://www.silver-surfer.us/Original_Art/How_Comics_Are_Made/How_Comics_Are_Made.html

  5. alcluin GoComics Pro Member commented on Pluggers 9 months ago

    I agree their right of free speech ends at my wall where the line comes in.
    And my right to privacy begins it’s a public service up to that point but after that I pay for it and should be able to block all of them.

  6. alcluin GoComics Pro Member commented on Pluggers 11 months ago

    It started as a prison thing to let everyone know it was for sale .
    Well know to guards and inmates that if you show it someone is going to use it only reason to expose ur rear in a place full of men.

  7. alcluin GoComics Pro Member commented on Doonesbury about 1 year ago

    What harm is it to me what my neighbor dose in his home it nether takes money from my pocket nor food from my table .
    Let him do as he will until he harms another.
    And when he dose may all point and say cease.

    Until then I wish him happiness in all things that bring him pleasure .

  8. alcluin GoComics Pro Member commented on Red and Rover about 1 year ago

    If you have meat tenderizer in the kitchen it works great when i worked as a Paramedic / Firefighter we had a bottle of Adolf’s in our medics bag relives the sting by drawing out the venom when dampened with water to make a paste.
    We only gave medication if there was signs of an allergic reaction some folks just love to irritate wasp and bees and when you have many many stings any relief is welcome .
    And yes my grandmother have several hives of honey bees and would put snuff on the stings of us kids helped a lot .

  9. alcluin GoComics Pro Member commented on Fort Knox about 1 year ago

    Turkey legs just like good ole king Henry the 8th would have .

  10. alcluin GoComics Pro Member commented on Heart of the City about 1 year ago

    Try using the imagination of a child to Dean last week was forever . And if he has never seen the door open can be even more intriguing and mysterious to him . Young boys"or girls for that matter" do not need much to have a grand adventure its what makes them so funny to the adults on the outside of the fantasy . Dream on Dean far to soon you have to give it up and become an adult.