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  1. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on Candorville 4 days ago

    When Randy_B says that Trump praises the “worst dictators”, that includes Saddam Hussein. Trump thinks that a leader shows admirable strength by killing and otherwise brutally suppressing dissenters amongst his own people.

  2. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on Candorville 4 days ago

    Russia doesn’t offer real freedom of speech (although it’s been a little while since any annoying reporters died of polonium poisoning), and Putin seems intent on resurrecting the Cold War (or worse) with his tactics in the Crimea and Syria.

  3. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on The Boondocks 6 days ago

    He’s lucky his granddad hasn’t got him a manual mower (non-motorised).

  4. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on Ballard Street 8 days ago

    The problem is that everyone who looks at a comic strip automatically downloads the images that have been put in the comments, whether they intend to look at them or not, so the hosting site ends up having to send the image out much more often than it otherwise would expect to. Images can take quite a lot of memory (far more than text), so this requires a lot of bandwidth from the host. Downloading a lot of images (especially GIFs) can also impact the individual viewing the comic (though not to quite the same extent). Data downloads are not as cheap in some countries as in others.

  5. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on Ballard Street 9 days ago

    Maybe someone could look into the solution used for the Ten Cats comic. It now has its own Facebook page where users can post images (mostly funny cat pictures). One user at least also still posts links in the comments to the photos on Facebook in a format that works for non-Facebook users as well (albeit apparently with an annoying popup).

  6. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on Cul de Sac 10 days ago

    I once went as a Jack O’ Lantern, not very creative, but the costume was much easier to make than the year I decided I wanted to be a White Elephant Sale. (For some reason, nobody could figure out what I was.) I think my mother enjoyed having her creativity tested, but the year I wanted go as Casper the friendly ghost, she gave me the standard ghost costume (sheet with holes for the eyes), but with a big pink bow around my neck so that people would know I was friendly.

  7. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on Over the Hedge 10 days ago

    Would this be the same Gary Johnson who didn’t know what Aleppo was (Syrian city under siege since 2012) and couldn’t name any living leader of a foreign country? He referred to the second failure as an “Aleppo moment”, which apparently is his term for any occasion on which he proves that he knows absolutely nothing about foreign affairs.

  8. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on Ballard Street 18 days ago

    You can still put unformatted links in the comments, can’t you? I’ve enjoyed the pictures too, but loading them all slowed down both my connection and my computer and caused my browser to freeze regularly, and it probably slowed down the GoComics servers as well, making it more difficult for everyone to access the comics.

  9. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on Ten Cats 20 days ago

    In fairness to GoComics, I believe all the included pictures (especially GIFs) were a major reason that the site loaded slowly and consumed a lot of memory. In my case, visiting GoComics generally required restarting Firefox at least once, because it would start to freeze up.

  10. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on Bloom County 21 days ago

    Well, you may feel the loss for the rest of your life (and possibly bore your grandchildren with it endlessly), but I suspect that Cleveland will recover.