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  1. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on Cul de Sac 12 days ago

    Actually, I think a better translation would be “ass (or butt) of the bag", meaning the bottom, as he said.

  2. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on Non Sequitur about 1 month ago

    “Nary is heard a discouraging word” and “home where the buffalo roam” are both phrases from the song “Home on Range”. This couple like the first part, but could do without the buffalo.

  3. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on Over the Hedge 3 months ago

    I once took classes in a newly built music building where the heaters covered a wide range of temperature around the set temperature, first heating, then allowing it to cool, and so on. Worse, they had a tendency to start whining loudly at certain settings and/or temperatures. For both of these reasons, the temperature controls were constantly being reset. In my solfege class, our teacher complained to one of the workmen about having to change the temperature all the time, and he decided the problem could be fixed by putting in a box over the temperature control to prevent people from fiddling with it. Shortly after this, our teacher cancelled a class when three of the heaters started whining at different and non-harmonious pitches, and nothing could be done.

    Mysteriously, they ended up naming the building after the contractor (at the University of Ottawa), apparently for his financial contribution to the project. The same contractor had previously been responsible for building some new residences at the university that reportedly had a wide range of problems.

    I haven’t been back since graduating, but I wonder if they ever did anything about those heaters.

  4. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on Calvin and Hobbes 4 months ago

    @watmiwori @bluskies

    I found the following quote from “The Moon and Sixpence” on the Wikiquote page for Maugham: “I forget who it was that recommended men for their soul’s good to do each day two things they disliked … it is a precept that I have followed scrupulously; for every day I have got up and I have gone to bed.”

  5. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on Betty 10 months ago

    If you live in a place where heavy snowfall is fairly routine, cross-country skiing and wearing snow shoes both make for great exercise (not that I do either), and you won’t sink in.

  6. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on Agnes 10 months ago

    This isn’t particularly relevant to school photographs, of course, but it’s worth saying, since the U.S. is very far from having achieved this goal, and won’t get any closer as long as the wealthy resist taxation as strongly as many of them have been doing.

  7. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on Agnes 10 months ago

    I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make, but I don’t think you will find too many here who insist on income equality. Equality of opportunity is another matter, and that requires adequately funded schools for all, even for those who don’t have the means to contribute to that funding, which in turn means that the more fortunate need to contribute on behalf of the less fortunate. This actually can (and does) result in greater wealth for everyone.

  8. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on Cul de Sac 10 months ago

    I think Petey assumes Ernesto is imaginary because he is so weird (weirder even than Petey). I’m also not convinced that Petey has a romantic interest in Viola – possibly he’s just embarrassed that any one believes that he does.

  9. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on Pooch Cafe 10 months ago

    Ha! That’s a seriously bad idea – cats are very fussy about their litter. Mind you, “Spring Meadow Scent” also sounds pretty bad for kitty litter.

  10. Pithy (yeah, right) commented on Frazz 10 months ago

    I’m now reminded of once hearing that a very macho (or masochistic?) trumpet player I knew, who could double-breathe, had been lured into a competition with a bagpiper to see which of them could hold a note the longest. I never did hear what the outcome was, but I know my money would have been on the bagpiper.