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  1. rayodeluz commented on Bloom County 2016 4 months ago

    T_ump as president would be a disaster of epic proportions, Not a huge HRC fan, but she is clearly a far better choice than T_ump

  2. rayodeluz commented on Doonesbury 4 months ago

    Depends on context. Both the subject and object pronouns can be used, Ken Wilson sums it up best in The Columbia Guide to Standard American English (3):

    Than is both a subordinating conjunction, as in She is wiser than I am, and a preposition, as in She is wiser than me…. Since the following verb am is often dropped or “understood,” we regularly hear than I and than me. Some commentators believe that the conjunction is currently more frequent than the preposition, but both are unquestionably Standard.

  3. rayodeluz commented on PreTeena 5 months ago

    Jeri is thick as a brick

  4. rayodeluz commented on Trivquiz 7 months ago

    I agree except for Out Of Touch. I really like that song

  5. rayodeluz commented on Zen Pencils 7 months ago

    I see that you completely miss the point

  6. rayodeluz commented on Wizard of Id 8 months ago

    Now he can pay the bartender what he owes him

  7. rayodeluz commented on Wizard of Id 8 months ago

    That’s pretty much a line from the movie “The Patriot”

  8. rayodeluz commented on Calvin and Hobbes 9 months ago

    Stupendous Man will save Captain Napalm

  9. rayodeluz commented on Trivquiz 9 months ago

    Sad to see a hate-filled, draft-dodging pedophile featured in today’s strip

  10. rayodeluz commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 9 months ago

    According to forensic science, Jesus probably looked like this http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/health/a234/1282186/