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  1. KarenSDR commented on JumpStart over 3 years ago

    My husband has silver dollars from the dates his grandparents were born, back in the 1890s :-)

  2. KarenSDR commented on The Born Loser over 3 years ago

    Half the girls in knew in junior high had a crush on Barnabas (but my heart belonged to Quentin).

  3. KarenSDR commented on Pickles over 3 years ago

    The old saying from Pogo comes to mind here: “The way to a man’s heart is through the soft underbelly.” We use that saying at our house a lot.

  4. KarenSDR commented on Calvin and Hobbes over 3 years ago

    I’m a math teacher, and Calvin’s teacher is my hero.

  5. KarenSDR commented on Heart of the City over 3 years ago

    There’s some dialog in Empire Strikes Back that’s almost word for word from GWTW: “You like me because I’m a scoundrel.” “I happen to like nice men.” etc.

  6. KarenSDR commented on Luann over 3 years ago

    We’ve been married 34 years, by the way.

  7. KarenSDR commented on Luann over 3 years ago

    I forgot Valentine’s Day one year and my husband was hurt. We don’t buy stuff, though. We make each other cards and they’re always funny and sweet and mean a lot more than a store-bought card or gift could ever mean.

  8. KarenSDR commented on Baldo over 3 years ago

    Awwww. When my husband first came courting, he looked at my mom and did a double-take, and said, “I didn’t know Nancy was your mom!” That was 34 years ago. My mom’s gone now, but on her deathbed she knew my husband after she didn’t recognize anyone else <3