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  1. kccaz01 commented on Luann about 2 years ago

    it’s in advance not advanced

  2. kccaz01 commented on Stone Soup over 3 years ago

    Watch your kids around water! This is an example of bad parenting. sorry but someone needed to point it out.

  3. kccaz01 commented on Aunty Acid over 3 years ago

    I smell a pungent odor around here.

  4. kccaz01 commented on Lisa Benson over 3 years ago

    I think I should move to CA. I enjoy paying higher taxes, union dues, food prices, gas prices, housing prices, and all this with lower wages.

  5. kccaz01 commented on Robert Ariail over 3 years ago

    He will try to close Guantanamo when we are ready to send him there.