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The Martian Confederacy

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  1. n5wd GoComics Pro Member commented on Speed Bump over 3 years ago

    Here in the states, it’s common to see an “All American Family” tooling around town in an SUV or Mini-Van, often with a decal on the back window that purports to show silhouettes of the family from adults, down to kids, and occasionally the pets, as well. In this case there’s Momma Roo, Daddy Roo, and two Joey Roos in the family.

  2. n5wd GoComics Pro Member commented on Rose is Rose over 3 years ago

    BradyB66: true dat, though SOME right-handed batters seem to place the balls into right field regularly.

  3. n5wd GoComics Pro Member commented on Barkeater Lake over 3 years ago

    Doctor Toon: Many of us have started using last names – they’re usually easier to remember!

  4. n5wd GoComics Pro Member commented on Committed over 3 years ago


  5. n5wd GoComics Pro Member commented on Gray Matters over 3 years ago

    Got one of those things one time -never went off and like the Greys, we found food elsewhere, then went home. Thingie had a sticker on it saying there was a reward for return. Went by there a couple of days lager – the hostess thought I was returning it for the reward went to get the manager before I could say anything. He came back with the thingie, telling me it had been lost a couple of months before, and was very red faced when I let him know what really happened. Comp’ed us a couple of meals, so it worked out for everyone!

  6. n5wd GoComics Pro Member commented on Lost Sheep over 3 years ago

    Hmmm… Someone’s been watching our African Grey parrot – he’s really liking the new food and berry treats!