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  1. rick92040 commented on Half Full 8 days ago

    Same songs year after year.. They’re just trying to make them interesting.

  2. rick92040 commented on Graffiti 9 days ago

    That isn’t very clear.

  3. rick92040 commented on Birdbrains 9 days ago

    There is no proof they ate turkey at the first thanksgiving.

  4. rick92040 commented on Grand Avenue 11 days ago

    Sweet potatoes are not related to the potato. They are related to the morning glory..

  5. rick92040 commented on Adult Children 15 days ago

    ADMIN is not a good password.

  6. rick92040 commented on Mike Lester 15 days ago

    Trump lies about the Ford plant and people believe him over Ford who says they never had any intention of moving the plant. That’s how he became president. The people can be fooled.

  7. rick92040 commented on Lisa Benson 19 days ago

    you can have the same boat with USA on the side and Trump driving it.

  8. rick92040 commented on Pearls Before Swine 20 days ago

    You don’t mention it in the first place. It doesn’t matter.

  9. rick92040 commented on The Grizzwells 20 days ago

    The Tea party has hijacked my Republican party and moved it so far right I don’t recognize it.

  10. rick92040 commented on Steve Breen about 1 month ago

    Last I heard Bill isn’t running for president.