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  1. BGGarner commented on Steve Breen almost 4 years ago

    I never considered myself mistaken. Just free of delusional wishfull thinking.

  2. BGGarner commented on Glenn McCoy almost 4 years ago

    ANOTHER adhomenem attack from an increasingly one trick pony cartoonist.

  3. BGGarner commented on Pat Oliphant almost 4 years ago

    In a generation or so the US will have a Gini Coefficient (measure of income inequality) about the same as Mexico’s if nothing changes on its present economic course. Government could be by and for the one percent propped up by Homeland Security. An armed populace of rugged individualists could be one of the few bulwarks against this situation.

  4. BGGarner commented on Glenn McCoy almost 4 years ago

    McCoy seems to be very much a one trick pony lately with most of his cartoons being ad hominem attacks on Obama. He can be an enormously clever and cutting cartoonist on a wide variety of issues so I tend to assume he does it for his Republican paymasters.

  5. BGGarner commented on Glenn McCoy almost 4 years ago

    Thanks to the Republicans tax policies Americans have an average life expectancy about the same as Bosnia and Jordan, around 38th in the world. They have an infant mortality rate about the same as Slovenia, 33rd in the world. The Republican “have more” 1% base has a life expectancy around ten years more than the average and infant mortality is close to nonexistant. The American Gini Coeficient is the highest in the G8 and will be the same as Mexico’s in a generation or so if nothing changes. The American Dream of upward mobility is gradually going downhill. It is about time the wealthy paid more.