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  1. Dr Rocky commented on Gil Thorp over 2 years ago

    Haha!! I called that one the day Lucky was introduced to the strip. Pretty well known exit around here.

  2. Dr Rocky commented on Gil Thorp over 2 years ago

    Funny thing, Luckey Haskins is the only exit on I75 between Toledo & Bowling Green.

  3. Dr Rocky commented on Gil Thorp almost 4 years ago

    I’ve been reading Gil for 46 of its 54 years. I’ll read it as long as it runs. However, the Berrill storylines were far superior to the current ones. Ideally only two new panels should be introduced each day, with the first of each day a restatement of the previous days P3. Fewer characters were used in a storyline with fewer confusing intertwined characters who never look the same twice and may not appear twice within weeks. I have all the Gil Thorp strip collections and reviewing any of the stories there you can see the night and day difference between a well constructed storyline and what we’re seeing here.