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  1. amethyst52 GoComics Pro Member commented on Breaking Cat News 2 days ago

    I thought my kitty Avenue was gone for good. Strictly and indoor cat who somehow got locked into our garden shed. After 3 days of putting lost ads in the paper, flyers, going door to door searching for him, bursting into tears every few minutes and not sleeping, imagining the horrible things that could have befallen him. I was standing on our patio and glanced at the window in the shed and there he was sitting on the sill like nothing had happened. I unlocked the door and he walked out tail straight up in the air and said “Wrrp?” He went with us from Ft Lewis to Germany and to Virginia where he passed away at age17. I still miss him!

  2. amethyst52 GoComics Pro Member commented on Looks Good on Paper 4 days ago

    Humans are the most dangerous animal on the planet. Trophy (slaughterers) hunters have great big guns and tiny little “appendages.”

  3. amethyst52 GoComics Pro Member commented on Breaking Cat News 4 days ago

    Aww! Tommy gets to be a reporter! Sweet!

  4. amethyst52 GoComics Pro Member commented on Darrin Bell 6 days ago

    Maybe because mental health issues can’t be reported due to Privacy Laws? I work in the health care field and we have all kinds of regulations regarding the release of information to a third party without the consent of the patient. We can’t even say the name of another patient for fear another patient will know who we are referring to. My husband has mental issues and has attempted suicide 8 times and I have had to make a statement to responding police officers. But since he has never been arrested for anything (he only tries to harm himself) but I’m quite sure he could pass a background check and buy a firearm. He is an honorably discharged Army retiree, with an expert marksman badge. I’m sure he’d sail through a background check. Kind of frightening if I think about it.

  5. amethyst52 GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 6 days ago

    Goodnight peeps!! Have to work in the morning. Yay! I left a job 3 weeks ago I worked Mon. & Tues.in hopes that my job on Wed, Thur. and some Fridays would expand to Tuesdays. It was a leap of faith and it seems it’s working out! Whew!! Even better my commute is only a mile from my house as opposed to 15 miles. I was getting weary of driving 30 min each way and putting almost 70 miles a week on my car, and sitting in traffic!! I HAPPY!!!

  6. amethyst52 GoComics Pro Member commented on Pearls Before Swine 6 days ago

    Made me laugh too!! Comics aren’t written to spare the little darlings ears. Most kids these days have heard and said worse words than “turds.” What I see and hear kids saying and doing past my house on their way to school I think of them in worse terms. You go Larry!!

  7. amethyst52 GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 8 days ago

    Hey Starman! I was working in my yard on Monday and I think something bit me just above my right eyebrow. It was sore and swollen all week but this morning I woke up and my eye was almost swollen shut!! Off to the ER and was put on antibiotics. Hope yours on the mend! Peace.

  8. amethyst52 GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 8 days ago

    I’m not quite sure how the compounding pharmacies do it, but they can put in in a taste the cats like. Beef, chicken, fish, etc. My sisters cat was hyperthyroid and the meds she gave her the pharmacy made it into a paste and she put it in her ears. The ear isn’t a mucous membrane but the skin is very thin and vascular and it permeates into the system that way. Hope this helps.

  9. amethyst52 GoComics Pro Member commented on Ten Cats 8 days ago

    That works very well. I trap them like that pull their head back while opening their mouth. If you wet your index or middle finger with a little water the pill sticks to it and you can poke it way, way back in the throat. If the medication is in a syringe do the same thing and place the dropper way back and when they close you squirt the meds and they swallow involuntarily closing down on the hopefully plastic dropped.

  10. amethyst52 GoComics Pro Member commented on Arlo and Janis 10 days ago

    My sisters and I have been mourning since we were teenagers when they stopped making a lipstick called “Gypsy Roseleaf.” It was the perfect shade between brown and dusty rose. We look to find its equal to this day! I feel your pain Janis!!