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  1. wonderer commented on Health Capsules over 2 years ago

    forgot to mention take with pepper to increase bio availability by 2000%. Exercise & strethc. If you don’t use your joits or strain bones w/weights, your bones will tend to join together. Use it or lose your range of motion.

  2. wonderer commented on Health Capsules over 2 years ago

    actually, boys should not use it, it will NOT! increase size in a certain sensitive area. If you have testosterone from an external source, your own gonads will not develop. (Gonads are what makes testosterone in a male body). Also, the use of testosterone will stunt growth because the ends of the bones (epiphyseal joints) will prematurely close and not allow further growth. Not good to take until you are over 30. Maybe wait till you are 40, unless you wanna look like dorian yates or some other gross looking body builder. Also, take it sparingly. Over 40, using shots, (can self administer if you get the air out and someone shows you, like a home health aid), use 80 mg every 4 days or so to keep levels fairly even. Also, it takes 8 weeks, not sooner, to get into your system. So don’t get all impatient and take more! For best results, EXCERCISE! as well. Otherwise, you may develop gynomastica (bithc teets). If you aren’t going to be active, and at least 3-4x/per week weightlifting, don’t waste your time or ruin your body. Also, take supplelemts to help reduce side effects. Such as Nettle, saw palmetto, zinc, (best w/vit b complex), cats claw, and many others. Research it. Be careful. If you cycle, it takes more the next time to get back to where you were before. Consider the small dose I mentioned on a constant basis. Take Vit k & D to maintain bone growth. (Calcium usually isn’t why you lose bone density.)

    thats about all I can think of for now. GLTY

  3. wonderer commented on Health Capsules over 2 years ago

    wish he would be more specific. arsenic in apples/juice comes from the seeds. not ssure about grape juice, leafy vegetables (why not other veggies?) why is it in drinking water? how does it get there, why isn’t it tested for/removed? on and on…

  4. wonderer commented on Tom the Dancing Bug almost 3 years ago

    hm, i remember a president who gave no bid contracts to haliburton and blackwater. seems the blackwater contract was needed since our own military isn’t capable of protecting itself any longer, and haliburton is needed since our military can no longer do logisitcal support as they had done in all the years prior to, oh, maybe 2001?

    we had to “outsource” our military functions at a cost of 10x of what it cost our military to do them for prior to that!

    but then along came the hopey changey president who didnt change anything he said he was going to.

    so, just who can you believe anymore? (hint, no one with a “D” or a “R” in front of their name).

    Yep, privatizing the things our government does best at the benefit of the “friends” of our government. Thats what the good old US stands for! Spying done by both too!

    Not much difference between the 2, sadly.


  5. wonderer commented on Lio almost 3 years ago


    why, oh why, or better yet, who does brook mc e pay, or know , to have 3, 3! strips on here?? pb sketeches is stupid, just a rehash of pb,which is of what humor value? or just “value” at all? i used to read 9, but it got boring fast. the only time i click on pb now is when i mean to hit pbs but slip cause its right above. sorta like garfield w/o garfield. huh?? just stupid. glad she gets paid for 3 “strips”. yay her! and jim of garfield. YAY! (and by yay, i mean, drop dead)

  6. wonderer commented on Wizard of Id almost 3 years ago

    awgiedawgie: maybe not like sports. maybe a competition is more accurate. but they do play for themselves, not us. in that regard they are very similar. politics actually is like a competition, just as republicans and democrats are alike. they both are not fiscally conservative, they just don’t agree on how to spend money or how to raise it. but they both love to spend, they both love pork, and they both love giving citizens the high hard one.

  7. wonderer commented on Doonesbury almost 3 years ago

    @rpmurray: maybe short term cocaine is “harmless”; but i can show you some people who are not what they once were due to that drug, and others in the same boat from the use of others, whether legal or illegal. i’ve tried some of them.

    fortunately i don’t have an addictive personality and it was easy for me to stop. including smoking after a number of years.Now i am drug (prescription or otherwise) free, and eat only organic, only grass fed (beef), and no nothealthy choice tv dinners or other “healthy” sounding foods.i actually read labels. yes, odd as it seems, i do not believe any claims and read ingredients. if i don’t know what it is, i buy the product and investigate the label. i usually return the product for a refund. no artificial sweetners, dyes, colors, flavors. no sugar as it contibutes to candida (if you crave sweets and simple carbs, you likely have candida, which will harm you slowly, kinda similar to smoking, but obviously not the same).

    there is a lot to look out for to keep healthy. it is a journey. the goal is to know more about your health next year than you did this year and make improvements even small ones. but its your life.

    i had a friend tell me its about quality of life, not quantity. thats why he enjoys pizza and beer.

    i told him i agree, which is why i will not visit him when he has a colostomy, or is taking diabetes drugs, or is lying in bed hooked up to a dialysis machine, or can’t reach the top cabinet because he is obese.

    yep, its about quality. how do you define quality of life?

  8. wonderer commented on Doonesbury almost 3 years ago


    it is not the same. has nature been splicing DNA from fish to put into plants? didn’t think so. Has nature been making plants resistant to chemical weed killers like roundup so they can spray the heck out of them; a chemical that remains in the plant as it is taken up by the roots as are all chemical fertilizers as well? a chemical that is toxic (read the warning label sometime).

    That is the (well, one of the) difference between what nature does and what man did until the evil known as mansonta (change the a’s to o’s and visa versa) came into being almost 100 years ago.its very existance is pure evil. they con’d the fda into allowing them to patent seeds! farmers have to buy them every year now! still think you know of what you speak?

  9. wonderer commented on Luann almost 3 years ago

    finally, some cheese to go with her whine. that was so annoying, hopefully this is done.

  10. wonderer commented on Luann almost 3 years ago

    wow. Reminds me of my ex. Wonder why she’s my ex? It’ll come back to me…