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The Flying McCoys

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  1. rgwalther commented on B.C. about 5 hours ago

    Defeat of deduct went over defence before detail….

  2. rgwalther commented on Dilbert Classics 6 days ago

    I did not know there was a new type of hammer.

  3. rgwalther commented on Inherit the Mirth 8 days ago

    Gay camel supplies?

  4. rgwalther commented on Bloom County 9 days ago


  5. rgwalther commented on Ziggy 13 days ago

    or kracked covers,,,

  6. rgwalther commented on Tim Eagan 20 days ago

    At least ‘Putin’ can warm up by wearing a coat like everyone else.

  7. rgwalther commented on Phil Hands 20 days ago

    There is less chance with cameras to mediate a street encounter. Arrests will skyrocket or patrolling will be reduced. The PC whiners will weep even more at the lack of police protection. There is no doubt that some cops are jerks and that all cops can be jerks, under the right(wrong) conditions; but all cops are still human. Even jerk cops can be heros and most cops are always heros, because they are dedicated humans.

    If you have been arrested 30 times or you have a spotless record and your car is broken in a spooky area, you might be treated differently. You hate the cops, call a street thug.

  8. rgwalther commented on Lug Nuts 21 days ago

    This is how Fox News gauges the will of the peepel. Of course there is a FOX rech off screen with a high power, rotating fan.

  9. rgwalther commented on Clay Jones 28 days ago


  10. rgwalther commented on Pooch Cafe about 1 month ago

    Mailmen carry the scents of every dog, person, animal, location etc that they pass through. This drives dogs’ protective instincts off the charts. If you have the same carrier and a reasonable intelligent canine, the dog will quickly learn to deal with the mailman, and even develop a specific greeting bark for the mailman.