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  1. daecon commented on Origins of the Sunday Comics almost 3 years ago

    They used the same tactic in an episode of “I Love Lucy.” Ricky, of course, had access to as big a band as he wanted.

  2. daecon commented on Mike Thompson almost 3 years ago

    Republicans HAVE to oppose the ACA. They know that if it’s implimented fully, it WILL be sucessful, and so popular it will be impossible to remove, just like Medicare. They’ve been trying for nearly 60 years to convince us we need more starving grandparents in this country, without success.

    That the program will be there forever is bad enough. That it will also be forever attached to the name of the hated black president drives them past all reason.

  3. daecon commented on (th)ink about 3 years ago

    That’s what “Fair & Balanced” means. Fox tries to keep an even mix of (certain) facts, and “crap we just made up because our audience is too stupid to tell the difference.”

  4. daecon commented on (th)ink over 3 years ago

    Liberals have been criticizing the drone policy since it was made public, but being liberals, no one listens.

    Conservatives get listened to, but the “Obama is worse than Hitler because…” list is extremely long and “uses drones” is below “his wife eats broccoli.”