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  1. Eddurd commented on Skin Horse almost 3 years ago

    (TUNE: “Unforgettable”, Nat King Cole)

    Intellectual … that’s what we are!
    Philosophical … here at the bar!
    That anthropic mechanism’s swell!
    Can’t mix incompleteness of Godel!
    Artie says not …
    Lee takes a shot!

    Oh, so tedious … Tip finds their talk!
    He will catch the bus, or maybe walk …
    Tip will mosey back to his hotel,
    Seems his mojo cannot break the spell
    Of these highly intellectual

  2. Eddurd commented on Skin Horse over 3 years ago

    (TUNE: “I Think We’re Alone Now”, Tommy James & The Shondells)

    What will we do?
    We’re busy, saving St. Charlie!
    We gotta get through!
    We’re going so far,
    But now we …

     Spilled a bunch of glial extract!
     Zombies smelled it when they attacked!
     Cuticles terrible, bullets are low,
     The stress is hell ‘cause Sweetheart’s yelling,
     “Ev’rybody just stay flipping calm all right!”

      I smell pheromones now!
      ‘Cause Doctor Lee has got a detector a-app!
      I smell pheromones now!
      And Sweetheart’s flipping out, as she says “Oh, cra-ap!”

  3. Eddurd commented on Skin Horse over 3 years ago

    (TUNE: “Five Hundred Miles”, Hedy West)

    Now I’ve got to save the day!
    It’s just like Thermopylae,
    With the Spartans in 480 BCE!
    In BCE, in BCE,
    Agnostic scientists agree,
    They refer to ancient years as BCE!

    Oh, the things that I could do
    With Leonidas and his crew!
    Kicking Persian ass with just 300 guys!
    Three hundred guys, three hundred guys,
    They sure gave Xerxes a surprise!
    Cut them down to size with just 300 guys!

    I wish they were here again,
    All those sweaty, muscled men,
    Wish I had 300 Spartans at my back!
    At my back, at my back,
    When the zombie hordes attack,
    I need Spartan muscle coming from the back!

  4. Eddurd commented on Skin Horse over 3 years ago

    (TUNE: “Bye Bye Love”, The Everly Brothers)

      I’m bi, pal!
      I like dating men!
      Nick says, “Come again?”
      Mendoza goes, “I’m bi-i!”
      Says Nick, “That’s slick; don’t di-ie!”

    Oh, when the zombies
    Come marching in,
    I will protect you
    Through thick and thin!
    I need no kisses,
    Although, I say,
    I’d like Tip’s digits …
    (More than one way!)
    [repeat CHORUS]

  5. Eddurd commented on Skin Horse over 3 years ago

    Whaddaya know?! Just like the regular SH comments! Proper filkmatting returns tomorrow.

  6. Eddurd commented on Skin Horse over 3 years ago

    Testing formatting …

    Should be a blank line above

    Should be another blank line
     Indent by a space
     Indent by an em-space

  7. Eddurd commented on Skin Horse over 3 years ago

    Is there a way to format these comments with line feeds and indents, so it doesn’t end up like a big lump of text?

    (TUNE: “Shooting Star”, Bad Company)

    Ginny was a sane girl, didn’t give in to the Mad …
    Said she’d fix the Brain-O-Mat, give it ev’rything she had!
    Sergio was listening, couldn’t fathom, scratched his head …
    Ginny tried to slow it down, but the guy just shrugged and said,
    “Well, I guess …”

    Artificial ECM, gonna flood with cytokines!
    Gotta tip my hat to them, and their clever mad designs!
    But the strange mechanics, Sergio can’t get at all!
    Hope nobody panics, but there’s zombies in the hall!
    “Well, I guess … well, I guess …”

    Well, I guess that I will be shooting stuff!
    Well, I guess … I confess …
    I confess that I will be shooting stuff!
    Yes I will, although
    My ammo’s low …
    What a mess!

  8. Eddurd commented on Skin Horse over 3 years ago

    With the help of Google Translate, I was able to figure out that “killer dog” would roughly translate to “Tötenhund”.

    (TUINE: “Ach, Du Lieber Augustin”, Marx Augustin)

    Ach! Beware the Tötenhund!
    Tötenhund! Tötenhund!
    Ach! Beware the Tötenhund!
    Setzen! Und Platz!

    Although he’s not flying,
    He’ll keep us from dying!
    Oh, he controls the Tötenhund!
    Sergio rocks!

  9. Eddurd commented on Skin Horse over 3 years ago

    @puddleglum: Apparently the erratic behavior was caused when someone hacked into the site and was using it to store huge (probably illegal) files. More info on the Skin Horse Facebook page.

  10. Eddurd commented on Skin Horse over 3 years ago

    (TUNE: “I Can See Clearly Now”, Johnny Nash)

    Nick can see clearly now which way to go …
    Which way will lead us to the secret room …
    We’ll find the A.Il. that we call GODOT
    Right through that stark, dark tunnel of doom!

    There’s lots of deadly things, like zombie hordes,
    Radioactive gas that goes “kwa-FOOM!” …
    Watch out for crocodiles and pointy swords
    There in that stark, dark tunnel of doom!

    There’s angry dogs, lava, and loose wires!Lasers and bears! Gas leaks that cause fires!

    What’s gonna happen when they reach their goal?
    (That’s if they make it there, which I assume …)
    They’re quoting Unamuno as they stroll
    Into the stark, dark tunnel of doom!
    Yes, it’s so stark, dark, just like a tomb!