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  1. Sketcherdude commented on Rip Haywire almost 2 years ago

    Hey, Reverend Al! About time you showed up, what took you so long?

  2. Sketcherdude commented on Dude and Dude about 4 years ago

    Uh…sorry for all the above typos…sheepish low five

  3. Sketcherdude commented on Dude and Dude about 4 years ago

    As an illustrator/cartoonist/writer myself, the message I intend is not always the one received. I used to get mildly uppity “NO, NO, NO! Captain Tightpants does NOT represent the misogyny found in the nabisco cookie company!” But I eventually came to realize that they where correct, what ever message they receive is the correct one for them. American Pie by Don Mclean is supposede to be about Buddy Holly, but everytime I hear it it embodies the whole of the 60’s; Kenndeys assisination (the King and Queen) all of the riots (the flames climbed high into the night) the campus unrest (the marching band refused to yield) Buddy Holly may be what Don intended, but the images that flash through my mind are the psychadelic sixties.

    Nuff rantings for the nonce……Mellow high five…nah too much trouble for this strip, just gimme a brownie.

  4. Sketcherdude commented on Frazz about 4 years ago

    Gotta admit, as much as I like this strip it can SOMETIMES be pretty obscure….but when you hit one out of the park, it clears the fences, the parking lot, the county line……

    oh, yeah…and I also agree with every post listed to date, so a four fingered cartoon five to everyone