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  1. Lewis Linson commented on Ziggy 1 day ago

    Doctor: I’m a brain surgeon, and I don’t make this much an hour."

    Plumber: “I didn’t either back when I was a brain surgeon”

  2. Lewis Linson commented on Farcus 1 day ago

    Gee……I don’t think anyone has ever said that before.

  3. Lewis Linson commented on Herman 4 days ago

    The first job I had was at a radio station where the transmitter was on property leased from the county. There was the county jail nearby. One night, while I was working at the transmitter, a prisoner walked in. Turned out he was a trusty who guarded the road maintenance vehicles that were also on the county property, and broke into our building to use the phone on a regular basis. Among the stories he told me was about having a large gasoline powered air compressor and several impact wrenches to totally strip a car like the one above. We got to be pretty good friends, and he decided that working for a living was better than stealing for one, and went straight after he was released from prison.

  4. Lewis Linson commented on Graffiti 4 days ago

    And nobody but a few people care.

  5. Lewis Linson commented on Speed Bump 4 days ago

    When I had rotator cuff surgery, a cute little nurse started an IV in my hand, in gave me an injection of “happy juice” to calm me down. She later came back to tell me that the surgeon had run into a little problem with the surgery he was doing and would be delayed about an hour, and she was to keep my sedated until I could be put under for my surgery. I received a couple more “happy shots” until I finally got to toe operation room. Man, I was high as a kite for about three days.

  6. Lewis Linson commented on For Better or For Worse 4 days ago

    When we first moved into this house, we did not know which trash pickup service the previous owners had used, so we just put the trash out and figured someone would be coming by to collect the bill. We went out of town for a few days.. Our next door neighbor saw our trash wasn’t being picked up, and moved our can over to his house. YES, you can get into trouble. I was, and had NO idea of what I had done to get into it. Finally got it straightened out and had to use another trash pickup service.

  7. Lewis Linson commented on Shoe 4 days ago

    I have always wondered why on double dates, the ladies always go to the ladies room together. Try flying them on a 6 hour cross country trip in a small plane.

  8. Lewis Linson commented on Pickles 5 days ago

    Finally, I find another person that knows the difference between blond and blonde. I had to study French for years to learn it.

  9. Lewis Linson commented on Geech 6 days ago


  10. Lewis Linson commented on Graffiti 6 days ago

    You got me.