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  1. pekenpug commented on Dark Side of the Horse 1 day ago

    Same here.

  2. pekenpug commented on The Sunshine Club 5 days ago

    Was that a requirement…being alive?

  3. pekenpug commented on Non Sequitur 6 days ago

    Heh, heh…similar situation, but for five years. Often shared those same thoughts, plus the dang cats could take their baths right there, too.

  4. pekenpug commented on The Other Coast 8 days ago

    Meanwhile, back at the comic, I’m with Koko. When did it change so that seemingly every wildlife show has to include a death scene? (yup, I’m an ol’ geezer)

  5. pekenpug commented on Dark Side of the Horse 12 days ago

    Oh dear, today Horace is in a reality cartoon.

  6. pekenpug commented on Pickles 12 days ago

    But most of the dairy cows seem to have been dehorned, either genetically or otherwise, these days. Harder to grab.

  7. pekenpug commented on Crumb 13 days ago

    …and it shows proper subservience.

  8. pekenpug commented on Overboard 13 days ago

    I gave our water-cats an over-size coffee mug for their water, and I keep it 7/8 full of nice clean water. They still play in it, but it doesn’t get sloshed as far.

  9. pekenpug commented on Non Sequitur 13 days ago

    “Corporate master” says “please”? Must be one of the new progressive breed.

  10. pekenpug commented on Breaking Cat News 13 days ago

    Very good!