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  1. Asharah commented on Peanuts about 13 hours ago

    You know, if he actually ever talked to her, he might find out she actually does like him.

  2. Asharah commented on Speed Bump 5 days ago

    Saw a commercial for the Baltimore Aquarium where Dad can not convince kid tank is not a computer game.

  3. Asharah commented on For Better or For Worse 5 days ago

    I think you’re confusing Brian’s dad with Annie’s husband. He was the one who eventually got caught cheating.

  4. Asharah commented on Pearls Before Swine 6 days ago

    I heard some people were disturbed about Charlie Brown Thanksgiving because they showed Woodstock eating turkey. CANNIBALISM!

  5. Asharah commented on For Better or For Worse 6 days ago

    Spoiler: Connie later returns and moves into Mrs. Bards old house. With a husband, Lawrence and two-teenaged step daughters. Into a house previously occupied by a childless widow and her dogs.

  6. Asharah commented on Speed Bump 17 days ago

    I read a LOL “prepare for parenting guide” once that suggested taking a goat to the grocery store to prepare yourself for grocery shopping with a child. Also suggested that you prepare to dress a toddler by placing an octopus into a bag so no tentacles are hanging out.And also recommended dumping a jumbo box of Legos on the hallway floor and try to walk from the bedroom to the bathroom in the dark without stepping on them and screaming in pain.

  7. Asharah commented on For Better or For Worse 17 days ago

    No, she’s a widow. They just never had children.

  8. Asharah commented on For Better or For Worse 18 days ago

    According to her bio on he FBOFW website, Mrs. Baird has no children. Except for her dogs.

  9. Asharah commented on Luann 19 days ago

    I would assume Tiffany has some OTC antihistamine or painkilling meds in her room she can use. Or they could stop at CVS on the way home.

  10. Asharah commented on Peanuts 20 days ago

    Lucy is creating a hostile playing environment!