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  1. wyneaux commented on Mike Lester about 8 hours ago

    BTW – Carrier’s original plan was to send 1400 jobs to Mexico, so at best Trump only saved 100 jobs!

    See: http://cbs4indy.com/2016/02/16/carriers-move-of-1400-indianapolis-jobs-to-mexico-virtually-a-done-deal/

  2. wyneaux commented on Mike Lester about 9 hours ago


    Really? Sending 1300 Carrier jobs to Mexico while keeping maybe 800 is a so much better feat than saving the American Auto industry over the objections of the Republicans?

    Remember “let the auto industry fail” Repo chants after Wall Street was saved? If not, google it!

  3. wyneaux commented on Mike Lester 1 day ago


    Facts bothering you, eh?

  4. wyneaux commented on Clay Jones 2 days ago

    Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  5. wyneaux commented on Mike Lester 2 days ago

    Lets see who is better at creating jobs:

    1 Million George H. W. Bush Republican

    19.7 MillionBill Clinton Democrat

    -0.3 MillionGeorge W. Bush Republican

    7.8 Million Barack Obama Democrat

    Don’t believe me? Just google it!

  6. wyneaux commented on Mike Lester 4 days ago


    None of you addressed the real issue, which is that Trump did not really save the jobs…. 1300 are still going to Mexico… he’s not threatening Carrier with the 35% tax he promised and his VP is giving Carrier another $7 million… Instead of name calling, and nitpicking, why don’t you argue issues? Like the fact that Trump says he saved 1000 jobs when only 800 are staying at Carrier in Indiana? Anyone?

  7. wyneaux commented on Mike Lester 4 days ago

    Yeah Mike, another total falsehood, like Obama hates US jobs,,,You’ve got a real imagination there, as 1300 Carrier jobs go to Mexico and Carrier gets $7 Million in Indiana taxpayer money anyway thanx to STILL Governor Pence!!! Win win, right?…For Carrier that is….

  8. wyneaux commented on Tom Toles 8 days ago

    Would GE still be around if it paid its fair share of federal income taxes instead of spending $Ms to avoid such?

  9. wyneaux commented on Tom Toles 8 days ago

    I like correct borders…. but then I guess you have to be a geography nut to appreciate that….

  10. wyneaux commented on Tom Toles 8 days ago

    Hope you’re not talking about the USA & Mexico… You might want to look at an 1832 map before the little US excursion which fostered "From the halls of Montezuma… "