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  1. fhofmann commented on Dick Tracy 2 months ago

    Otis the janitor is now Otis the prop. Or bundle, whatever.

  2. fhofmann commented on Dick Tracy 4 months ago

    Haha! Good one. I remember when you cooked up that cereal box during the Mysta story. The box in today’s strip does partly resemble it, come to think of it!

  3. fhofmann commented on Dick Tracy 5 months ago

    Those are great poems, Pequod77. Thanks to you, and also CONGRATS TO TEAM TRACY!!

  4. fhofmann commented on Dick Tracy 5 months ago

    Flight Suit said, “In an age where sea level rise caused by global warming is accelerating dramatically (experts say California must prepare for 3 feet of sea level rise in this century), it is rather clueless and irresponsible for today’s Crimestopper’s Textbook to encourage people to leave extra lights on all night long. We should be reducing carbon emissions, not increasing them.”

    Al Gore predicted seven years ago that based on “expert” projections, the polar ice cap would likely be gone by 2014. It’s now 2014, and the evidence says that the polar ice cap is actually thicker now, substantially so.


  5. fhofmann commented on Dick Tracy 7 months ago

    Good stuff. I don’t understand half of what’s going on in the story, but the art is great and things are moving along at a good clip. Fun!

  6. fhofmann commented on Dick Tracy 7 months ago

    “As much as I enjoy “conventional” police work Tracy, I love these dalliances with the far out fantastic. I bet two-way wrist radio tv was big when it first hit the page.”

    I’m the same way. I enjoy the conventional police work and all the far out stuff, too. Equally. Even before the Moon period, there was always a fantastical element about Dick Tracy. Not only the technology, but the villains, too. A lot of the bad guys in this story have been more mutants than “real life” characters. Dick Tracy is grounded in reality, but its also grounded in fantasy. It’s a mix! Always has been. So I embrace it all. Time travel? Messages from the past? Space coupes? Mysta transforming into a moon woman? Yes yes yes and yes!

  7. fhofmann commented on Dick Tracy 8 months ago

    Ken in Ohio said, “If it is time travel, then Diet’s remark to Oliver about Moon Gear yesterday – “That’s all in the past” – takes on a double meaning!”

    Good catch! You may be on to something there. It would be just like the new and edgy Diet to do something like that. I hope so. The Space Coupe embodies so much of what Dick Tracy fans of my generation loved.

  8. fhofmann commented on Dick Tracy 8 months ago

    Now this is fun.

  9. fhofmann commented on Dick Tracy 8 months ago

    Neil Wick said, “I like the way the shading is done along the top of Panel 2.”

    I agree the 2nd panel today is really great. Very retro feel. Well done, Joe Staton.

  10. fhofmann commented on Dick Tracy 8 months ago

    I’m trusting Mike & Joe to make this a fun ride. Even on their less great days I never fail to be entertained by this strip.