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  1. mextea commented on Nick Anderson about 1 month ago

    actually he just denes them access from the git go.

  2. mextea commented on Steve Benson about 1 month ago

    just another cartoonist spreading the lies of the left.

  3. mextea commented on Jim Morin 2 months ago

    weakness makes for wars.

  4. mextea commented on Jim Morin 4 months ago

    has tough gun laws…and MORE gang killings…the crooks and murderers can ALWAYS get guns…

  5. mextea commented on John Deering 4 months ago

    it’s NOT society…it’s ONE sick m&%^#$f&$%!*

  6. mextea commented on Matt Wuerker 4 months ago

    the REASON that conservatives D O NOT want to raise the minimum wage IS NOT because of"redistribution" it’s because raising the minimum wage KILLS JOBS for beginning workers….so the cartoon promotes a straw man…once again…typical libs….

  7. mextea commented on Jerry Holbert 5 months ago

    the cartoon is almost correct…but, obama has two marshmallows.

  8. mextea commented on Jeff Danziger 5 months ago

    there is NO comparison…the cartoon is a straw man cartoon….how many Christians did the bikers crucify?…how many did they decapitate?…a thousand ?…typical lib/progressives using such a thing to promote their agenda.

  9. mextea commented on Mike Luckovich 5 months ago

    PEOPLE DIED in the bengazi attack…compared to .underinflated balls INSULTS their deaths!….typical lib
    “ï feel your pain” bullcrap

  10. mextea commented on Mike Luckovich 6 months ago

    science is NOT decided by “consensus”…the computer models are wrong…the projections that they have made over the last 40-50 years have been consistent…consistently WRONG….there has been no ice age….60 million americans have not died from starvation….it is all B.S to get wealth distribution….