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  1. mextea commented on Nick Anderson 6 days ago

    actually he just denes them access from the git go.

  2. mextea commented on Steve Benson 11 days ago

    just another cartoonist spreading the lies of the left.

  3. mextea commented on Jim Morin about 1 month ago

    weakness makes for wars.

  4. mextea commented on Jim Morin 3 months ago

    has tough gun laws…and MORE gang killings…the crooks and murderers can ALWAYS get guns…

  5. mextea commented on John Deering 3 months ago

    it’s NOT society…it’s ONE sick m&%^#$f&$%!*

  6. mextea commented on Matt Wuerker 3 months ago

    the REASON that conservatives D O NOT want to raise the minimum wage IS NOT because of"redistribution" it’s because raising the minimum wage KILLS JOBS for beginning workers….so the cartoon promotes a straw man…once again…typical libs….

  7. mextea commented on Jerry Holbert 3 months ago

    the cartoon is almost correct…but, obama has two marshmallows.

  8. mextea commented on Jeff Danziger 3 months ago

    there is NO comparison…the cartoon is a straw man cartoon….how many Christians did the bikers crucify?…how many did they decapitate?…a thousand ?…typical lib/progressives using such a thing to promote their agenda.

  9. mextea commented on Mike Luckovich 4 months ago

    PEOPLE DIED in the bengazi attack…compared to .underinflated balls INSULTS their deaths!….typical lib
    “ï feel your pain” bullcrap

  10. mextea commented on Mike Luckovich 4 months ago

    science is NOT decided by “consensus”…the computer models are wrong…the projections that they have made over the last 40-50 years have been consistent…consistently WRONG….there has been no ice age….60 million americans have not died from starvation….it is all B.S to get wealth distribution….