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  1. mextea commented on Matt Bors about 8 hours ago

    this cartoon is wrong on so many levels that it is hard to know where to begin.

  2. mextea commented on Tony Auth about 8 hours ago

    scientists who claim “consensus” to prove climate change are NOT scientists…scientists do NOT need consensus…they require facts and proofs.

  3. mextea commented on Clay Bennett about 8 hours ago

    the cartoon does not have the correct party on the brush…the progressives are the ones who lack tolerance…if one disagrees with progressives one is labeled a bigot…that is tolerance?

  4. mextea commented on Rob Rogers about 8 hours ago

    what is hateful about the rule of law?

  5. mextea commented on Clay Bennett 14 days ago

    until the liberal ox is gored….

  6. mextea commented on Darrin Bell 14 days ago

    correct….I noticed the drones have not commented on a truthful cartoon…

  7. mextea commented on Joe Heller 14 days ago

    if the propaganda ministry believes this…they are dumber than the monkeys…oops…they are!

  8. mextea commented on Rob Rogers 14 days ago

    they just leveled the playing field…and now all the lib/progressive/socialist drones are squeeling

  9. mextea commented on Jeff Danziger 14 days ago

    then free speech is great!

  10. mextea commented on Jeff Danziger 14 days ago

    unless the green energy companies who got billions from Obama want to spend some millions on democrats….then it’s o.k.