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  1. mextea commented on Jim Morin 15 days ago

    trout….don’t be a fibber…the numbers are NOT exactly like bush…

  2. mextea commented on Tom Toles 23 days ago

    climate change DRONES abound.

  3. mextea commented on Ben Sargent 26 days ago

    gentlemen?….the climate has been cooling for over 16 years….the ice caps have grown….the polar bears are bearing up well…don’t just call people names (which by the way REALLY hurt my feelings)…check the facts.

  4. mextea commented on Matt Davies 26 days ago

    they DID follow the rules….me thinks I see an agenda showing.

  5. mextea commented on Clay Bennett 29 days ago

    the facts are that the NFL has 1/2 the domestic (and other violence) than the general population…look it up before you make a false cartoon!

  6. mextea commented on Stuart Carlson 29 days ago

    when the cause is the destruction of the country…we can thank God they are doing nothing!

  7. mextea commented on Clay Jones about 1 month ago

    your savior killed more in five years than bush in eight…decision makers are people who DO STUFF…indecision is a sign of a DO NOTHING.

  8. mextea commented on Mike Luckovich about 1 month ago

    no smart companies start people out at a wage sufficient for raising a family….ONE NEEDS TO WORK AND PUT THEMSELVES IN A POSITION TO ADVANCE….it seems everybody wants every job to pay the same…DUH…not going to happen…should NOT happen..

  9. mextea commented on Jim Morin about 1 month ago

    isil is an ant-Israel statement….and the cartoonist knows it!

  10. mextea commented on Joel Pett about 1 month ago

    dlee…yours is a na├»ve vision…if you told that to isis…you would lose your head….the Christians that they rape and kill…nurses and pastors…you think that THEY are the cause?…NOT…because the isis does not give a CRAP about human lifew….they are Godless.