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  1. Mielikki, the lady of the forest commented on Luann about 4 years ago

    Hi, I had to sign in to comment this.

    Luann understands friendship, but she does not (yet?) understand love. Gunther is her friend: dear, comfortable and safe, but just a friend.

    Quill, on the other hand, is her first real touch of love and mutual interest, not some merely one-sided teenage infatuation.

    Gunther, the poor boy, is so insecure that he doesn’t feel himself worthy enough to hold Rosa’s hand. He’s not gay, he’s just afraid. (Like all/most men are with women, especially those you are attracted to. You just don’t admit it.)

    Don’t you remember what it was like back then in high school?

    (I apologise spelling/grammatic errors, english is not my native language.)