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  1. Michaël Monzo commented on Tiny Sepuku about 1 year ago

    Maybe is from Texas, Wisconsin. Yeah, makes more sense.

  2. Michaël Monzo commented on Speed Bump about 1 year ago

    No, 0% comes from chimpanzees (they are not our ancestors). But human and chimpanzee DNA is indeed 98.8 percent the same.

  3. Michaël Monzo commented on Speed Bump about 1 year ago

    Thanks Scratchy18 and Neatslob for putting things right : not every food you put in your mouth has been genetically modified (treesareus) or everything is genetically modified (MeGoNow).
    I doubt that anybody knew how to modify a gene in a lab two hundred years ago. There was crossbreeding, no modification of the genes. Potatoes where potatoes, just the best for consumption, or the strongest against diseases.

    “The original single cell that could said to be genetically original is long, long gone. All others have had their genetics modified by all sorts of forces.”
    According to you there was only one original cell, all the subsequent being genetically modified (which means, for example, that I’m a modified version of my parents, therefore I’m a GMO).
    So the question is: when did Adam Potato lived?

  4. Michaël Monzo commented on Get Fuzzy almost 4 years ago

    Sounds funnier like that; I don’t think that’s a mistake (the ballet).

    What does wiktionary say:
    1. A classical form of dance.
    2. A theatrical presentation of such dancing, usually with music, sometimes in the form of a story.

    Election ballot (or electoral circus, to be more accurate) has the same definition if you change “dance” and “dancing” with “democracy”.