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  1. Newshound41 commented on Doonesbury over 2 years ago

    I think, Rp GG confused Redkaycei Repoc for rpmurray or accidentally clicked reply to Redkaycei Repoc when Rp GG’s reply was meant for rpmurray.

  2. Newshound41 commented on Doonesbury over 2 years ago

    Doonesbury has been Trudeau’s soapbox for 44 years.
    He has no intention of giving it up now.

  3. Newshound41 commented on Doonesbury over 2 years ago

    Judging by the strip, “they” refers to angry, white, Southern men.

  4. Newshound41 commented on Doonesbury over 2 years ago

    Sound like, fun Thanksgivings.

  5. Newshound41 commented on Doonesbury over 2 years ago

    You guys have to make up your minds. Are liberals the 47% who don’t pay taxes and collect money from the government or are they fat cats in the upper tax brackets?
    We do know one thing for certain, blue states contribute more to the Federal coffers than they take. Red states, like Mississippi, constantly scream about state rights and big government, but have no problem in taking money from the same Federal government they hate so much.

  6. Newshound41 commented on Doonesbury over 2 years ago

    @Bill Weinberg
    Hippies don’t bathe.

  7. Newshound41 commented on Doonesbury over 2 years ago

    @Kim Metzger
    Great idea! We should all submit requests.

  8. Newshound41 commented on Calvin and Hobbes over 2 years ago

    Here is what Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn, the “co-fathers” of the internet had to say about Al Gore’s contribution:
    Al Gore was the first political leader to recognize the importance of the Internet and to promote and support its development.

    No one person or even small group of persons exclusively “invented” the Internet. It is the result of many years of ongoing collaboration among people in government and the university community. But as the two people who designed the basic architecture and the core protocols that make the Internet work, we would like to acknowledge VP Gore’s contributions as a Congressman, Senator and as Vice President. No other elected official, to our knowledge, has made a greater contribution over a longer period of time.

    Last year the Vice President made a straightforward statement on his role. He said: “During my service in the United States Congress I took the initiative in creating the Internet.” We don’t think, as some people have argued, that Gore intended to claim he “invented” the Internet. Moreover, there is no question in our minds that while serving as Senator, Gore’s initiatives had a significant and beneficial effect on the still-evolving Internet. The fact of the matter is that Gore was talking about and promoting the Internet long before most people were listening. We feel it is timely to offer our perspective.

    Oh, when you get back to the 1950s, will you make fun of Eisenhower for inventing the interstate highway?

  9. Newshound41 commented on Rudy Park over 2 years ago

    Is this a rerun? Technically, it isn’t Spring. In fact, we are in the heart of Summer.

  10. Newshound41 commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria over 2 years ago

    @Molon Labe
    Hobby Lobby will be paying for the “killing of the children” whether they provide coverage or not. The employee will use the money that she recieves as a salary from Hobby Lobby to pay for the contraception or procedure that Hobby Lobby refuses to cover by the insurance it provides.