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  1. Monk_Mayfair commented on Dick Tracy almost 3 years ago

    Back in the last Big Boy story by Max Collins, it was established that the Apparatus didn’t want to see Tracy assassinated. However, I don’t know if the Consortium shares the same view. No wonder Stilletta seems to be switching sides!

  2. Monk_Mayfair commented on Dick Tracy over 3 years ago

    HOLY MACKEREL! I was all set to comment on yesterday’s strip, signed in, and the saw this. Shades of The Shining!

    I don’t think MM is evil, per se, but thing she will have an epiphany by the end of the storyline. I see her taking an exit a la the original Gwen Stacy clone in the original clone storyline in SpiderMan.

    There was a time where Dick Tracy was “water cooler” talk. Since then, I know other means of media have taken over, plus how one attains media; but geez. If this type of storyline happened in the heyday of DT, this woulda been the talk of the town. And I KNOW Team Tracy were planning this all along (their earliest strips showed Diet with his moon travelling stuff, kinda like a foreshadowing), and I can only hope that with the new cabal of villains that they introduced us to before this storyline kicked into high gear, that they give the same care with it that they do with this one.

  3. Monk_Mayfair commented on Dick Tracy over 3 years ago

    It has long been decided upon this very board that Team Tracy doesn’t put anything in the strip that doesn’t mean anything. Reading through the comments, I’ve realized that we’ve all forgotten that Tracy (yes, it is his strip) was questioning those that could fly a Space Coupe. What if the old Ghote & Sail found someone who could do that, take them to the moon, and get a specimen to conduct Moon Maid experiments on? What if on that trip, it lead to the demise of the Moon people civilization there?

    I have to applaud Team Tracy’s use of continuity throughout their short time here. We’ve been re-introduced to such a wide array of characters, and I have missed that for so long (I don’t know if comic book veteran Joe Staton had anything to do with that; even this week, I perused an old issue of Hulk that he inked), but I am really enjoying this storyline. So far, this is their magnum opus.

  4. Monk_Mayfair commented on Dick Tracy over 3 years ago

    Being the Marvel Zombie I am, the posts today stirred memories of the Peter Parker clone (the original storyline in the 70s, not that convoluted thing that came out in the 90s). Peter Parker was confronted with the clone of Gwen Stacy, even after his life moved on after her death. In the end, they went their separate ways. Sometimes you can’t go home again.

    I would hate to think that Junior would give up everything he had with Sparkle. I always thought Junior SHOULD be with Sparkle, and the whole Mood Maid marriage was a plot device to make the whole 60s moon era more important. I have no idea how this all will play out, but whatever Team Tracy comes up with, I’m along for the ride.

    I’m enjoying this storyline to no end. Lots of returning characters from all eras of the Dick Tracy mythos, and Team Tracy keeps us guessing at every turn. This is turning out to be their magnum opus. All I’m thinking of, is, how are they ever gonna top this?

  5. Monk_Mayfair commented on Dick Tracy over 3 years ago

    We’re not even a week into this story, and each day, we get wonderful information from Mike and Joe. I have to say, I do enjoy their pacing of their stories, which is usually gripping at the beginning, but wind up rushed in the end. I hope with the extended time alloted to this story, this ending isn’t rushed (like I fel during the Broadway Bates/cosplay storyline and the Sweatbox story).
    < p >
    With all the talk about clones and Zy Ghote and Mumbles, I had a revelation and hope that Mike and Joe clear it up. What if this wasn’t the first actual clone that Zy Ghote developed? What if the first clone he did successfully make was the Mumbles in the 1994 storyline, where he was aged? That would explain things that folks here posted about, such as the aging of a clone, the memories, lack of continuity, etc. To me, it makes perfect sense and fits in with everything that has gone on before.
    < p >
    And if anyone’s counting, put me in the corner with the folks that this Moon Maid has more than a fleeting acquaintance with Mrs. Chin Chillar.

  6. Monk_Mayfair commented on Dick Tracy over 3 years ago

    It’s very rare I get to comment at the top of strip (as opposed to one of the last), so I wanna be the first to say GOOD MORNING EVERYONE (and that includes Vista Bill, whenever he gets here)!
    I love these old school villain reunions (though I know that some of them aren’t that old). Stiletta has thrown down a gauntlet that is reminiscent of the last Big Boy story, and if this is going to be a sub-plot like Team Tracy made the Moon Maid story out to be, I’m along for it wholeheartedly. I do feel that yes, once you put a lotta A-List villains together, they kinda become B-Listers, but I just love seeing them in the strip regardless.
    I think Blackjack (my favorite new baddie by the current team) will be their downfall. But is seems to me, that while Gould was noted for his “grotesques”, Team Tracy have new villains noted for their quirks. And since they do acknowledge the continuity, I ain’t gonna argue.
    Have a happy, everyone!

  7. Monk_Mayfair commented on Dick Tracy over 3 years ago

    I just realized, with the close of the Jumbler story, how much Team Tracy likes to do crossovers. We’ve seen Gasoline Alley, Terry and The Pirates, and Brenda Starr. So I don’t know if it was a mandated thing from they syndicate to do, but just something that Mike and Joe like to do.
    I think Big Boy is very dead. If he wasn’t, I doubt the character Little Boy would ever have been introduced.
    Today’s strip looks like the beginning of a new subplot (and I do like subplots), now that the Moon Maid story is gonna take up the next few weeks/months). I dunno who the skulking guy down the stairs is, but definitely looks like muscle, which Abner Cadaver didn’t appear to be. Definitely BB Eyes in the middle talking with Double Up, though I can’t say for sure who’s the third (I thought it was Mumbles as well).
    As for the 70s stuff, I might be the only one who liked the Brain story. The trap he put Tracy in lingered with me with a long time.

  8. Monk_Mayfair commented on Dick Tracy over 3 years ago

    Forget the slot for razor blades! When I first moved into my current apartment (10-12 years ago?), it still had a dumbwaiter (yeah, the building is that old, and it was non-working at the time). They since got rid of the dumbwaiter to upgrade the electrical connections. A small price to pay (at least there’s still the built-in ironing board in the kitchen!)

    No offense to any dumb waiters out there (sorry, couldn’t resist). :)

  9. Monk_Mayfair commented on Dick Tracy over 3 years ago

    I’ve been doing the Jumble game in the papers for about 40 years, and still get a kick out of it. While I love the nod to the game, I wish it were Henri Arnold and Bob Lee in the strip, rather than the new team, since in my eyes, they made the Jumble what it is.
    While not a fan of the UPA studios in general, I did enjoy their Dick Tracy shorts as a kid. I think it helped spur my interest in DT. UPA were THE trendsetters of animation back in the 50s (even Disney had to adapt to what they were doing, as did all the animation studios at the time), but by the time the DT cartoons came out, creative control had switched hands to someone who didn’t share the studio’s artistic vision. Still, the DT episode “Champ Chumps” is a standout in the series. I was always fond of Joe Jitsu going against Stooge Viller and Mumbles, and this one face-off is just classic. Anyone can talk about the obvious stereotypes, but Joe Jitsu was the only one that had great personality, a good character design, and was usually one step ahead of the villains. I’m sure he was inspired by Charlie Chan (or even the detective that Peter Lorre played way back when; the name escapes me), but that kinda thing these days would be forgotten; stereotypes will always be looked upon first.

  10. Monk_Mayfair commented on Dick Tracy over 3 years ago

    Forget Archie Andrews! I always thought that Junior resembled Measles (thinking that was one of the reasons that Team Tracy decided to write him out of the strip permanently). No confusion now!
    I know a lotta folks here are happy to see a Moon Maid reference, but I was hoping for more of the Mr. Kleen story. I always love seeing the baddies getting their second (or third, etc.) go-around with our favorite detective. Looking forward to more of that.
    And it just occurred to me while reading the comments today: how is it that Pat looks more his age and DT doesn’t? Weren’t they partners around the same age way back when?