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  1. cb1966 commented on Jeff Stahler over 3 years ago

    Mr. Stalker, your apology seems less appropriately directed at Peanuts, and more appropriately directed at our children. It is a sad situation. Religious zealots founded our nation, and yet do not properly address this idealistic issue of “rights” in order to bring resolve to a moral issue of safety.

  2. cb1966 commented on Paul Szep almost 4 years ago

    It seems that Mr. Szep is suggesting that the 2nd amendment was written in the 18th century when “arming” oneself was completely different in scope and magnitude, and that now that times have changed, it is time to modify the 2nd amendment to reflect current “arms”.

  3. cb1966 commented on Rob Rogers about 4 years ago

    Labeling someone as a socialist or Kenyan or repeatedly asking the annoying question of “where’s your birth certificate”, while immature, is not lewd. “Godless Muslim”, on the other hand, is completely offensive and a shameful (albeit an oxymoron) expression.