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  1. Oldbutnotstupid commented on Bliss about 1 month ago

    The bias polls show 52% of the people support Obuma, after all that he has screwed up America, So the welfare, gov. workers, and anybody else that loves there free hand outs will love someone that, lies, cheats, steals, screws America, So I will stop reading this Idiots livelihood, Because the bottom line is always money

  2. Oldbutnotstupid commented on Moderately Confused about 1 month ago

    Jeff must be voting with the death of America team, Hillary and Obuma and all of the Muslims, Obomanation put in control of our country. I guess I will just cast my vote by deleting his comics Hope a lot of people do, its stupid to piss off half of your viewers

  3. Oldbutnotstupid commented on The Sunshine Club 3 months ago

    They must be stuck on 9/16 please come back it is my perfect comic for my age group

  4. Oldbutnotstupid commented on The Sunshine Club 4 months ago

    Do the math the Gov stole our money, We seniors and employers put our hard earned money in the SS fund, along with all the interest it would have earned. Then the Gov, gave it to everyone, Even if they didn’t earn it. Gee I wonder why we have a problem with SS running out of money… Just print more.

  5. Oldbutnotstupid commented on Moderately Confused 4 months ago

    Jeff pissed off 50m gun owners and there family’s.
    Maybe next he can make a joke of Ali and find out how we need to ban knifes, fertilizer and baseball bats & ect: and the list goes on. lets all just quite reading his strip and he might loose his spot in these comic…..
    IE it will cost him money.

    Money is always the bottom line.

  6. Oldbutnotstupid commented on The Sunshine Club 5 months ago

    If they had not blown all of our hard earned money, on BS, they would still have lots of money in OUR benefit accounts Lets vote them all out start fresh and see how the new thieves can do

  7. Oldbutnotstupid commented on Moderately Confused 6 months ago

    Be careful about how you think lady, your baby is going to hate the world you idiot voters created buy voting in a woman who does not not the meaning of truth this strip is no longer on my list and I am sure this writer will lose more

  8. Oldbutnotstupid commented on The Fusco Brothers 6 months ago

    If the writer thinks this, his head must be up his A** when he looks at Hillary and Bernie He has lost me as a reader

  9. Oldbutnotstupid commented on Moderately Confused 8 months ago

    Looks like the people want Trump and his ideas … But all the idiots in power and the media want more politicians to do it the same crooked way.

  10. Oldbutnotstupid commented on B.C. 10 months ago

    the real toxic plants are Clinton and Sanders