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  1. edvacation commented on Frazz 22 days ago


  2. edvacation commented on Prickly City 10 months ago

    I’m afraid that I have to join the crowd of folks agreeing that the current problem with Stantis’ work isn’t the politics per se, but that there’s nothing either funny or original in the way he presents what is supposedly meant to have an element of humor.

  3. edvacation commented on Prickly City 10 months ago

    I realize that accuracy isn’t a requirement for humor, but certainly the humor should at least use the inaccuracies to make a joke. Stating falsities as though they were facts, and then claiming some sort of angry irony just doesn’t meet the criteria of successful humor. I’m fine with nasty, and even okay with cynical dishonesty, but no actual humor is unforgivable.

  4. edvacation commented on Drabble over 1 year ago

    More likely related by marriage.

  5. edvacation commented on Prickly City over 1 year ago

    Time to move on from this one. Milking a joke is fine if you’re adding new layers to it, but constant repetition just drains out whatever humor was there in the first place. I don’t care if I don’t share the politics but I do care if it’s no longer funny.

  6. edvacation commented on Prickly City almost 2 years ago

    Oh Scott, you guessed wrong. According to every poll Obama won last night’s debate. Better luck guessing next time.

  7. edvacation commented on Prickly City about 2 years ago

    Lordy, lordy. Ya gotta love the geniuses who comment here. They all seem so erudite. Stantis may be silly but he is at the very least, accurate or not, funny. The acolytes on the thread; not so much.

  8. edvacation commented on Prickly City about 2 years ago

    I don’t mind teasing, and I don’t mind ol’ Scott finding fault with the Prez, but in order for it to be funny it really needs to at least mildly resemble the actuality of the situation. It ain’t the Democrats who keep getting punished by their party for lack of obeying group think. Do better Scotty.

  9. edvacation commented on Prickly City about 2 years ago

    I believe this was well covered in the post above by “Andy”.

  10. edvacation commented on Prickly City about 2 years ago

    The fact of the matter is, whether you support Obama’s policies or not, a lot of the criticism of him HAS included an unnecessary racist component.

    No one likes being called a racist, especially when one hasn’t made intentionally racist comments, but to deny that there’s a certain amount of race baiting in many of the public criticisms of Obama is disingenuous. Sometimes people are called racists not as a knee jerk reaction, but because they actually use racist language and imagery.