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  1. artwall commented on Bliss 4 days ago

    Always had trouble grasping why “The British are Coming” when they are already in a British colony.

  2. artwall commented on Non Sequitur 24 days ago

    Dang!I want a taco now.Also no ACAVouchers for MedicareToll roads for Fed. highwaysANY good news?Fu Get a Bout IT

  3. artwall commented on Agnes about 1 month ago

    Reverse-Engineered Name

    HotRod= Rodtoh

  4. artwall commented on Brevity about 1 month ago

    That’s cute,but it’s kinda crummy

  5. artwall commented on The Argyle Sweater 2 months ago

    Her cookbook shelf includes“To Serve Man”

    1962 The Twilight Zone

  6. artwall commented on Brevity 4 months ago

    Susan’s feeling her oats this morning.

  7. artwall commented on Bloom County 4 months ago

    Try Ctrl + or -
    Tis what works for me with Chrome
    Your welcome.

  8. artwall commented on The Argyle Sweater 5 months ago

    This is just across the fence from
    “The Far Side”.

  9. artwall commented on Rubes 6 months ago

    Mom helicoptered up.

  10. artwall commented on Bliss 6 months ago

    Great lyrics from a fun song.