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Dick Tracy

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  1. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    . He’s gotten so good at it, it looks like he is in a chat room, and not months ahead.”

    Well he needs to continue talking .,. .

    No final results on who died - and who survived - among the Gangs ?

    Have you seen ANY ?

    Where is William Tell ?

  2. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    Last week the raid was over, Police mingling on the street
    No Handcuffs or stretcher dead, with ‘stiff-toed’, up-turned feet ?
    When will the MCU ‘shake a leg’ and do their Case review ?
    If Chief Patton somehow got results ? ‘- ’it was not* for me and you !
    It leaves all Options Open, they can “bring back” Anyone" . . .
    A Synchronic Overdrive, for even a Méliés damaged head, *- despite Apollo’s gun !

    Early ‘word’ had it - lives “ended”, but on Monday Patton used this cue “…Black Hearts gold recovered, we’ve *arrested - his crew"*
    Just about as ambiguous and helpful as - “Are Virgins tested too” ?
    It seems the tale had ended, but they’d take you rose by rose to Bribery’s nose, just like a Honey Bee
    A time for “martial arts”, no’ ‘wait’ for Ebony Lee, but ‘outcomes’ ? Who lives(?), Who died(?).They’ll decide, *you might wait a year to see … ?

    This tale relies so much on “Flash Bulbs” to BLIND you, on twisted results they never do explain . . .
    Not unlike South Carolina, people fearing water, lightening and finding floating cars that seemingly swim through rain
    You get to wonder if it’s placing “mysteries”, that somehow trips them up?
    Then what comes reminding’ it’s Fearless Fosdick, a BIG hole in the gut !

    It’s not raining in my Dick Tracy, and ther’s a ‘Smoky Stover’ “whiff” …
    Mr. Kleen, as done before, is still there, to do his usual tricks
    No way … will Gold Theft charges, on Black Hearts people “stick” !
    We often disagree, but on ‘this’, Neil might might light the wick

    Top secret ! Need I remind, no one knew Mr.B had secretly acquired the Gold
    Near end, Méliés ‘over-heard’, and in-house spy Lee Ebony, eventually Bribery told !
    Recall those early B-B Eyes “unproductive” tries, those team run-a-ways . . .
    Doubleup, Blaze - April (14, 28 & 29) and back again, on 1st of May ?"
    What was CLEAR. Not a “whisper” on arrival of the Gold ? Made one wonder, why the bother, for all that ‘reflex’ shooting?
    Just unnecessary new charges. For lawyer Kleen - to be later be out there refuting

    April 14th, 2015

    April 26th, 2015

    April 29th, 2015

    May 1st, 2015

    Those are the foolish guys, in Dick Tracy if you know the WAY - crime can really pay !
    No need to hide, no need to Pray . . .
    If you steal something, the trick as always, move to sell it Quick !
    The Chief Detective’s remains on a slow ‘learning curve’, so use that little “Flick” !

  3. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 4 days ago

    Happily,happily, to music readers ‘shuffle’ on, awaiting a new story to ‘come along’ . . .
    While all together singing, the old “End of Story” … Dick Tracy song . . .
    In-strip, a similar procession, and leading, (a believing) Mayor Armstrong
    And at the end a vibrant, very much alive Venus, bursting out her Sarong !

    A tale that most found enjoyable . . .
    And while many mysteries would abound
    The answers to some were never ever found (?)
    First we had in detail, a great Gold Train robbery
    And then those surprises, Mr. Bigg’s ‘hand’, would turn into Bribery . . .
    Just like, Honeymoon’s ‘new powers’ so timely, “came out” lively
    Both near brought a tear to many an eye . . .
    And most would sigh, as story end drew nigh . . .

    The Authors’ cup - had seemed so full . . .
    Then suddenly it came, that Harvey ‘nomination’ pull . . .
    ALIVE ! Seemed like guidance from a Selbert Depool vector . . .
    And the means to “harness” a Hannibal Lector
    On competition, might they have used his vice (?)
    On merit they beat the competition twice, this time, they had the Harvey thrice !

    But before we look to the ‘FUTURE’ and the ‘excitement’ that’ll surely bring
    Let’s focus on the present, to ‘check up’ on, ONE very ‘critical’ thing . . .

    For there iwas an “Itchy” factor . . .
    We have a ‘missing’ Actor . . .
    Really, one that’s ‘never seen’, the Original “Deal Maker” ?
    Just think, recall, it’s Mr. Bribery’s vendor, his Gold - “facilitator” ! ?

    “Yes” ! Police recovered the Gold . . .
    And killed (or arrested?) the Foes . . .
    . . . Now, it’s ‘Case Closed’ !
    . . . Today, Chief Patton’s told ?

    He, that delivered and sold the Gold . . .
    It’s $tashs of Million$ in CA$H he now beholds *. . .
    The man so near to invisibly slim . . .
    Not even ‘under cover’ Lee Ebony, can ‘point’ to him . . .

    Unlike others, never a need to turn and run . . .
    To touch, to hold, to aim, or Fire a Gun * . . .*
    Astute, discreet, he’s effortlessly ‘popped’ the Cops . . .
    Escaping undetected, clearly he came out Tops !
    Running, laughing, even parking - near to the Bank
    As Bribery with woes, puts foot to pedal and to tank !

    Stealing! Selling! Winning? Without a single trace . . .
    He came and went, a man without a Name or Face . . .
    Later, when those Wrist Wizards flash and hum
    He smiles, he’s safe, perhaps, your next door chum ?
    It was with ease, he ‘tricked’ our clever Dick ?
    (Perhaps as well, our own - Neil Wick ? ;-)
    Into thinking, all the “loose ends” were tied . . .
    So closed, they simply laid the Case aside !

    Save for the key part played by this un-known, un-named “facilitator” (?)
    Is there something “COCK-EYED” here ?
    Does a man who helped plan, who then actually STEALS Gold from the Train, then SELLS it on to another (Bribery) walk away ‘scot-free’ ?
    He’s “trumped” the Tracy system.walks away with Millions, as every one can see !

    Bribery who purchased same, in the one deemed guilty !
    Do people here, the MCU “Authorities” there, does ANYONE (?) dare to ‘CARE

  4. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 5 days ago

    “I’m curious. As I approach 4 score and 1 year of age, am I the only dinosaur that posts here? Anyone older than me?”

    A pleasant Good Morning to you too – Bill

    You do have company on articulating views from that ‘seasoned’ (more carefully reasoned??) perspective . . .
    Come March next year (God willing) it should become Four Score and four

    Discovery ! Got ‘hooked’ into Dick Tracy with the ‘New York Sunday News’ of July 13 1941
    My First Sunday page, in what would the start of the Little Face story. But would not see Chet Gould’s unique Head Design until July 27. 1941

    “Blew Me Away*!*” Been a Fan for LIFE*!*

  5. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 8 days ago

    Listen up Mike! Please don’t let any harm come to my buddy, Abner!”

    Safe as a Church Mouse *

    Haven’t you noticed with all those Guns today . . .
    Mike’s kept him Far Away ?
    The man’s postponed his PLAY
    Despite his earlier “charge” - so Grand
    He’s curbed that ‘runaway’ adrenal Gland
    He’ll now wisely try another day . . .
    When Rikki - points the way . . .

    ABNER (from July 23rd) . . .

    “Surely you know how difficult killing Dick Tracy will be
    What you do not know, is that you are helping to implement my plan at this very minute”.

  6. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 9 days ago

    B – B Eyes


    Anyone that cares to pay ‘close attention’ might quickly realize that B – B Eyes and Doubleup have enjoyed the MOST Face Exposure among the Rogues in (modern) Dick Tracy, under the pens of Curtis and Staton !
    Both were launched (or re-launched) in mid 2011, and after these stories (out on bail) were quickly absorbed into organised crime with New Mr, Crime (Davey Mylar).

    From there to the Apparatus and then recycled into the Blackhearts. These platforms allowed multiple appearances in the modern strip.
    Both have been PROMINENT Characters in every year save 2014, where the appearance (i.e. October) was minimal, actually only B – B Eyes !

    B – B Eyes in particular, enjoyed ELEVEN separate earlier sequences On Stage here. prior to the current 2015 – Bribery extravaganza, which I’ve ‘counted to begin from Sunday, March 22nd.

    2011 (1) From July 2nd to July 31 (Re-launched)
    (2) From Oct. 24th to Oct 27 (join Mr, Crime)

    2012 (3) From Jan 7th to Jan, 8th
    (4) From Mar.11th to Mar.17th
    (5) From Apr. 28th to Nov. 5th (New Mr.Crime tale)

    2013 (6) From Mar.4tth to Mar,5th
    (7) From Apr.17th to Apr. 25th
    (8) From July 18th. to Oct. 9th (Clash – Blackhearts)
    (9) From Oct 27th to Dec 1, (Joins the Blackhearts)

    2014(10) From Oct. 22 to Oct 26 (Promoted, recruits Blaze

    2015(11) One Sunday, Jan 25 (New Office at Blackhearts)
    (12) From Mar 22nd to Aug 20th (shot) ? ? ?

    Among the Rogues he (*B-B’s*) Face, appeared on 47 occasions in this latter storyline . . .
    Doubleup (not counting ‘pics’ as a kid) 53 times *. . .
    Bribery’s ‘Face’ also appeared 47 times !

    Not that I haven’t enjoyed B – B Eyes, but needed to make a CLEAR case of his “over-exposure’ . . .
    it’s more than TIME that he now Move On ! – For Good !

    He’d been on the ‘point’ of becoming another Piggy Bank !

  7. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 10 days ago

    “Sorry, but again i dont buy it. Lee as T-Bolt seems like another one of those “changed on the fly” story ideas that mike seemed to have gotten from comments on this board, since it doesn’t explain HOW or WHY Ms Steffihawk visited Johnny in the hospital…”

    . . .Annie and Honeymoon to come with her to visit Johnny in the hospital. IF Steffihawk knew it was a cover up, then WHY would she threaten it by inviting the kids to come along ?”

    “Sorry, but there are WAAAAAY too many loose ends in this story alone, for it to be wrapped up nicely . . .

    Really useful, pointed comments Timmy . . .

    The Author’s need (or his ‘objective’) to ‘Conceal’ . . .
    His Zeal can occasionally lead to ‘scenarios’ he’d later prefer to repeal !

    And as you probably “realize”, there are not many here, that care ‘to point out’ those constructive critiques . . . ?
    (Who the Cap Fits . . . Wear It !)
    Often, honest appraisal, is considerably more “helpful” to the Author (if he considers them), than periodic fawning (and sadly) - when thought useful . . . LOOKING the Other WAY !

    YES ! . . .
    The strip ‘today’ is “Light Years” better than it had been, prior to March 2011.

    We need to unstintingly “applaud” when things are Done Well . . .
    but be “constructive”, pointing out shortfalls the more grievous wrong turns, that can take creditability down the Drain !

    The Authors may not always agree with our views, but it’s good to see both sides of a coin.

  8. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 10 days ago

    maybe introduce a fresh plot thread that will lead somewhere in six to eight months

    Not betting on that.

    Not betting against it, either."


    Well, as you recall, that’s the WAY Chet Gould often did it with an unusual, ‘eye riveting’, fascinating New Face, or a peculiar eye-catching habit.

    Those Repeated faces, (some may agree?) save T- Bolt, have been ‘around’ far Too Long . . .
    Like say B – B Eyes’ over FOUR (near continuous) years … here, beating the Dick Tracy Drum !!
    From his long Dive, they squeezed, the ‘last drop’ of Salt Water out the man’s Eyes !

    As a perspective ‘of sorts’ - Gould had . . .

    Flattop: ‘43/’44 : in for 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days.
    Then . . .
    Bribery: ‘65/’66/‘67(in 2 stories) for 1 year,
    4 months, 3 weeks, plus a day !

    It’s a great PITY, T-Bolt - a truly “great creation”, never arrived as an ‘original character’, one capable of flexible, useful returns, in future stories, beyond the ‘constraints’ of a ‘One Horse’ disguise, of come back only as Lee Ebony.

    Then, the T-Bolt design, ranks ‘up there’ alongside Doubleup and Rikki . . .
    Easily . . . among Staton and Curtis’ Best Creations !

  9. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 12 days ago




    On this Historic Occasion !

  10. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 13 days ago