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  1. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy about 4 hours ago

    Ray Toler

    MINDY ERMINE from Tuesday . . .

    “Syd, I checked out the original Posie Ermine story (July 1968-November 1968) and have found that Glenna was referred to by both her real name and the ‘nickname’ Mindy”

    Ray, thanks for your your two posts on the above character yesterday . . .

    Good pick up ! And you’ve likely noticed it was the first, yet only reference, to the name Glenna - in the entire tale ! ? (and by one of the Contest Judges) !.
    But for the reasons that follow, I think you may be making a (useful?) “assumption” * to ‘characterize’ her name MINDY - as being a ‘nickname’ ?

    1) There is no concrete evidence to prove which one - was her real name. One can also “assume” the Contest Judge not knowing her well, simply ‘forgot’ her name (?) And in ‘error’ called her that ! (?)
    2) Dad Posie called her - “daughter” throughout the entire tale.
    3) Every other character called her “MINDY”, and that - on all the remaining occasions her name was used..
    4) Finally, more ‘weighty’ and convincing - the then Author (Chester Gould) in 3 panel Text Boxes. On Aug, 26, 1965, and on Oct. 4,1968. Then repeating it again on * Oct. 20, 1968*, called her Mindy
    5) Max Collins - in a Sunday page Rogue’s Gallery box (May 14, 1978) referred to her as Mindy Ermine, (and incidentally) had her in a Mexican Jail for Drug Smuggling.

    My query on which of Posie’s daughter had been kidnapped and converted to Moon Maid, was in part jest to point out the strips name error
    So by virtue of the name Glenna (appearing), gives the current Author a ‘pass’, and further confirms that in the story both were used for the same character . . .

    But it leaves the burden of a heavy question, why not use the name (Mindy) everyone else, and every reader has, including TWO other Authors (chose) to identify her in their tales/references ? I.e Mindy ?

  2. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy about 4 hours ago

    THINK on these characters . . .

    The Nitrates
    Kandikane Lane
    Aggare Aggie
    Stiletta. Flattop

    They all come from different Dick Tracy stories and disparate backgrounds, yet our Author Mike has ingeniously created scenarios or - ‘connecting threads’ to bring THEM and their INTERESTS /TALENTS (good or bad) - and is now, smoothly Dove Tailing them together !.

    It’s difficult to believe he could have “envisioned” ALL these complimenting developments, talents, and characters, when he introduced Mrs. Flattop (mid 2012), or even more recently with the Nitrates over a year ago in January of 2013 ?
    Was it all fortuitous coincidence that happily came together, popping up to provide a “Bingo” ?
    Or was it in large part, medium term ‘possibilities’ that Mike saw, when he mulled over the return of the Nitrates ?
    And then made the needed ‘provision’ in that Gruesome PLAY with the creation of Aggate Aggie and Kandikane Lane. The latter serving to provide a ‘Double Whammy’ with a new spark of love, for Vitamin Flintheart !

    On this, I’d like to think - it was a LOT more of the LATER . . .
    I’ve spoken out on slow pacing (Annie) and more recently on some ‘gruesome’ loose ends . . .

    But now, FULL Credit - when and where it’s DUE !

  3. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    *"Been awhile since we checked in with Mysta, so I expect she and Diet Smith are about due for an appearance as well.

    On TV Soap Operas with large casts, if characters are off-camera for too long, they tend to get written out.

    Can’t have that."*

    As you suggest Diet Smith was last seen in early November 2013, about 3 months ago. back then - seemed very disenchanted, having Shut Down his Time Travel research, and ending any hope of meeting or restoring his son Brilliant !
    Al this on the heels of his ‘shattering’ order (Oct. 2013) - to ‘dismantle’ and destroy - any remaining Space Coupes or Moon tech equipment,
    I certainly got the sense that he was a discouraged, beaten old man, with future meaningful relevance to the Tracy world draining out of him ! ?

    Mysta Chimera seemed more upbeat some 8 months ago (June 5, 6. 2014) when getting an update on the growing prowess of her implanted DNA from Diet Smith.

    What remains puzzling is not so much her fancied attachment to Honeymoon Tracy but her complete_ on going_ disregard (lack of interest), for the welfare of her own “flesh and blood” . . .
    Father (Posie Ermine) - serving a Life Sentence in Prison !
    Dispassionate disregard for a Father who (YES) ,,, is a Thief and a Murderer, but who had done the killing (in part), to defend his child’s honour ?
    Something there, doesn’t seem right ?

    And STILL revolving in some readers mind is a consideration of which of POSIE’S Daughters became the new Moon Maid ? in that (Dr. Sail) Moon Maid, DNA implant ‘experiment’ ??
    Tracy (with Diet) told us it was Glenna Ermine, not daughter Mindy - which readers here were more familiar with ?

    Powers may be ‘growing’ but with Diet’s ‘related’ operations all shutting down what FUTURE in their for to unique being in an “earth bound” environment ? ? ?

  4. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 3 days ago

    “If only Chester Gould had thought to juggle dozens of villains and story lines at the same time.
    His strip might have become really popular.
    And with no story really ending it could have run for years”

    See your point in the last sentence . . .
    Technically, stories ‘appear’ to end. But the Main Villains never do (?) It’s a Go Around Come Around World . . .
    A few ‘lesser lights’ may pass on (e.g.) Panda, Davey Mylar, Teevo, and (‘used out’) Measles? (we can’t be sure?)

    Think . . . 2011
    Double up,
    B-B Eyes,
    Abner Kadaver,
    Hot /Blaze Rize (same face, same thing)
    These “characters” were introduced in 2011, and we’ve had them back IN every year since !

    Then look . . . 2012
    Mrs. Flattop
    Effectively, a similar ‘visual’ experience, they’ve been in stories, in each following year !
    And one begins to suspect - a Coterie or Inner Circle, that will remain for a long time ! ?

    Resembles ‘Comic Book’ villains, that never DIE. They’re a “come-back-again” breed, on a Merry-Go-Round - appearing every year. Like in Batman -
    The Joker, the Penguin,the Riddler, Two Face, Cat Woman, Scarecrow - etc ,,,

    In Gould’s time, (46 plus years), one Villain -Stooge Viller managed 3 appearances, another 2 or 3 appeared twice, among them Mumbles and Shoulders

    But that was Chet Gould’s way !
    Different strokes for different folks ! ? ;- )

  5. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 3 days ago

    " . . . Gee. I wonder if they’ve found Otis yet…)"
    Well delivering comic books to Westville was more important . . . that was a Charity !
    Otis was not a giver, he was a taker . . .
    But no fear, they will ‘smell’ him soon !

  6. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 4 days ago

    Can anyone recall Doubleup being recruited over to the Blackhearts gang ??
    There was the earlier effort via Abner Kadadaver to pull B-B Eyes over to them, (rather than terminating him), and of course, we recently saw that B-B Eyes invitation to Blaze Rize !

    The earlier link-man between the two Groups (or rather Méliés) - had been Abner K, but he - now seems somewhat “out of favour”, having botched the Tracy kill job ?

    Cant recall any contact between B-B Eyes and Méliés ! ?
    Or with any elements of the Blackhearts group ?

    HELP !

  7. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 4 days ago

    Really like the fresh new style of presentation, by starting each (applicable) line with a repetition of the Villains name twice.
    Pleasing start for the day !

  8. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 5 days ago

    " . . .back at the auction. Could Doubleup be there bidding on some Golden Age Scarlet Sting books?

    Really good thinking there *!
    Brilliant ! . . .
    It’s the sort of ‘unexpected surprise’ that Mike often catches us off guard with.
    But I’d guess, he just hadn’t thought of that one ! ?

  9. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 5 days ago

    NICE MINI CROSSOVER STORY*-* and now it’s all over . . .

    Classic GOULD cycle - Crime, Chase and Capture !
    And in this story (unlike in the last ;-) ‘reporting’ the results to the Chief of Police

  10. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago

    The Chet Gould story formula (in 3 days) . . .

    1 Crime - One, for the Money (in the Bank)
    2 Chase - Two, for the Go (across the street)
    3 Arrest - Three, for the No (at the Tellers Cage}

    And Bronson’s long, lean face, certainly lends itself easily to Milton Caniff’s - Steve Canyon lineage