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Dick Tracy

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  1. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy about 7 hours ago

    And it sure ‘beats the heck’ out of your Self Confidence when it’s someone else’s Thumb in the right place !

    I feel sure - she will survive to come, back another day
    And the latter panel in your display shows of a waist line where going around your thumb could meet up with the forefinger.

    Only in the comics !

  2. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy about 7 hours ago

    *"I’m waiting for people to comeback on 10 before I plunge."


    Question ?
    I have a Blue coloured Box coming up on my screen offering a “Free Download” at this time.
    But my ‘gut’ reaction is, this is a Scam in disguise ! ? What’s in it for them, to give it away ? Perhaps I’m naïve, but I thought they SOLD these things ?
    A little ‘guidance’ anyone ? ?

  3. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy about 16 hours ago


    The strip DATE in my earlier post providing Lee Ebony’s PROFILE, is from 2013 (January 19), not 2015 as earlier stated in error.

    Thought I should mention this, to avoid “heading” anyone in the wrong direction !

  4. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy about 17 hours ago

    LIZZ in profile

    July 1st 2015

    T- BOLT in profile in 3
    (Check the “Curvatures” of The 3 Fore Heads)

    Aug. 6th 2015

    LEE EBONY in profile Cheek bones are Right , but ’ Forehead ’ – ’ So Aquilne’ ?*

    Jan. 19th 2015

    July 16th 2015

    Recognition ? A ‘look’ of certainty ? The EYES have it !

    Aug. 4th 2015

    It’s often ‘helpful’ to take a close look at ‘bone structure’ for comparing bodies and heads in any identification process

    So today, it might be ‘instructive’ to look at of Lee’s semi-circular ‘aquiline’ forehead, there in panel 1, (1-19-13) Hmm*!* Shades of Pelé in a Soccer World Cup Final ?
    Score ? For starters, Lee’s side - may be down One Nil, She “headed in” an Own-Goal !

    And then, a quick flash back to T- Bolt’s ‘straight up’ (90 degree) Dick Tracy-like fore-head. You got to wonder what happened here ?
    Must be her “disguise” ! Special ‘skull cap’ there to DULL that unfortunate curvature ? Got to be careful to remember in any ‘Martial Arts’ action, it doesn’t get ‘knocked’ hard, or Fall Off ! Would look kind of silly to see all along it was just a darn Shoe Box on top !

    Then someone brightly ‘speculated’ that Diet might easily ‘recognize’ it was Lee, just from T- Bolt’s eyes, so to be helpful, we found a pair, and dropped them in for ‘expert’ attention. Strip (8-4-2015)

    Now some may think, but possibly ‘shy’? to say, that all ‘these things’ don’t matter ‘one hoot’ in the comics ,,,. Staton and Curtis are not going to pay any attention to those (unfortunate) “self defeating” details to the plan !

    They’ve already ‘decided’, it’s Lee Ebony in disguise, even if ALL their “physical visuals”, and her “known” Skill training, seem ‘messy’, contradictory and suggest otherwise ! ??

    You can lead a Horse to Water - but you can’t make it Drink ! ??

  5. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy about 18 hours ago

    Truly spectacular strip today !

    Mike has squeezed in near 4 days of ‘hand wringing’ out of some of us, after seeing Apollo’s gun shot and that incredulous ‘expression’ on Méliés face last Sunday.
    Today, visually - we are hardly any wiser - on the damage, not sure if he is dead (?), although we do see the edge of his head, which tells us (thankfully), it didn’t ‘roll down’ the stairway well and hit Fritz Ann coming up, squarely in the chest !

    But what’s really got my ‘attention’ today, is what’s Venus doing with her left hand*?*
    . . .Is she pulling down something in front of her chest?

    .Well, observed it’s the rage in Bill de Blasio’s NY City now, women going around TOPLESS in the streets. And you’ve got to concede Joe’s given her much to show off ! ?
    But in the circumstances (Police raid) it might be a pragmatic “self-defence” move ?
    Which sane man looking at a beautiful naked woman would aim his gun, and then - pull the trigger ?

    Maybe by tomorrow things will progress (more ‘undress’?)Not likely in the comics !.
    But one Mr. Raley may ‘wake up’, and just (maybe?), decide to take a closer look ?

  6. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    _"As far as I know, we haven’t been told or shown that Lee Ebony doesn’t know martial arts, so we don’t know if she knew or didn’t know any martial arts. All she said was “I trained in several forms of combat, including Krav Maga,” then added, “I’ve won trophies

    Correction ! Lee Ebony never ‘said’ that !
    The words came from character T- Bolt

    Take a ‘refresher’ look at Sunday page (8-2-15) and you’ll see Mumbles was punched unconscious with one blow (if ‘closed eyes’ in the last 3 panels mean anything)
    Does Lee Ebony ‘look’ like she has the gravitas or ability to effectively ‘punch out’ and slam anybody ?
    She couldn’t even ‘hold on’ to that skating kid Willie Wheeler !

    The thought of shy, timid Lee - somehow (?)being T- Bolt, conjures up ‘images’ of a Clark Kent entering, then “bursting out” of a telephone booth as Superman !

    You just got to conceal a SMILE !

  7. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    “I don’t have a problem with Lee knowing martial arts. Just because we haven’t seen it before doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.”

    Well, it’s always helpful when one can discern there’s some “consistency” in one’s ‘wishful’ forecasts . . .
    Seem to recall, on the other side of the coin, you earlier said there were ‘no more’ Space Coups, while lacking the ‘certainty’ of the final “outcome” of that Space Craft with Drs. Sail, Ghote and pilot Munro.
    “Because we having seen it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t still exist ?”
    A consideration that seemed to have been ‘missing’ last time round (?)

    I’ve never had a problem with anyone forming an opinion based on the direction they ‘perceived’ that the Author may be heading, and then jumping in the saddle like – “Hopalong Cassidy” !
    They’re certainly ‘entitled’ to do so, even if they have to “shrug off” the “reality” that same Author omitted to provide a needed “skill set” - to allow the character to ‘meaningfully’ perform, or left it carelessly ‘vague’, to a point of a last minute ‘add on’, and some possible embarrassment !.

    What I’m really more ‘concerned’ about, is how the Author will “satisfy” his readers that a character never known to have them, could ‘pluck’ those hard to acquire “Skills” out of MID AIR ?
    (If indeed, this IS Lee Ebony?)
    . . . and then have to USE them in a story-line ?

    That’s tantamount to ‘accepting’ say, Steve the Tramp ‘walking’ on stage, in the next story-line, (surprisingly?), with two ‘original’ legs ?
    Then ‘comforting’ ourselves with the ‘thought’ that . . .
    “just because we never ‘saw’ them both earlier, the last time he appeared . . .
    . . . doesn’t mean he doesn’t have them !

    I’d really be “surprised” if Mike tried to “Fob Off” Lee Ebony as a ‘Martial Arts’ *expert now, without the slightest earlier hint, that she’d gone beyond elementary ‘M.A.’ awareness . . .
    It would be a trick . . . an inferior substitute for the top craftsmanship, ‘expected’ from a Harvey Award winner !

  8. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    “that they didn’t have a load of escape routes”
    He should have had Axelrod working directly for him.
    Not even the MCU has been able to find a trace of that cookie yet !

  9. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    Maybe he even recognized the real person who is dressed as T-Bolt.”

    That would be ‘amazing’ given the degree of the disguise . . .
    Aren’t you sounding a bit compliant ?

    " I notice he still thinks Méliès is a traitor, despite the fact that Méliès delivered Diet Smith to him."

    That seems to ‘suggest’ he might have his own (separate) listening system to keep tabs on what his main underlings are saying (maybe plotting) among themselves ! ?
    Although there is no evidence to confirm that !

  10. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    “Sure is odd seeing Lizz as a blonde in those strips.”

    Actually, It’s not widely remembered these days but Lizz was originally a BLONDE in her first – 9 years and 9 months in the strip.

    She first appeared on Oct. 25, 1955 as a photographer in Nothing Yonson’s Health Club. She had a boyfriend Jimmy who she later married.
    But by early January 1956 she ‘indicated’ to Tracy (who she had met), her desire to become a police woman
    She did shortly after and operated in plainclothes, alongside Sam and Tracy

    Her sister Julie Marlin a Night Club singer, was also a ‘blonde’, so it seems reasonable to consider that this was the natural hair colour in the family

    However, in late December 1963 Moon Maid entered the strip, She had plenty face time and so two blondes co-existed in the strip,
    Some speculated (as I do) that this eventually moved Chet Gould to change Lizz’s HAIR Colour
    It first appeared (out of the blue), as BLACK on July 20th 1964.
    See the panels I’ve stuck together to recapture that part of history and it’s change.

    Of some interest, Gould flirted with blonde hair in a story or two in the late 1070’s after Moon Maid had taken a back seat.
    And as I recall, Max Collins may have done so too
    The latter never did like Gould’s jump into space and tried to pretend it never happened.
    Suddenly the Air Cars were no longer there for the Police and Diet Smith shortly after acquire a Private Jet.
    Moon Maid would be assassinated, Vera Alldid very much in love with Sparkle his wife, suddenly left her and in due course Junior and Sparkle would come together.

    Sorry, I’ve really drifted on ‘beyond’ the subject.