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Dick Tracy

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  1. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 3 days ago

    Before the DAY passes . . .

    It’s my pleasure Vista Bill - to add my name to the cascade of Well Wishers on your Special DAY !

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! And many, many - more.

  2. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago

    Abner Kadaver and Rikki Mortis . . .

    It wasn’t quite as ‘obvious’ in earlier times, but now we hear
    (panel 1) :
    " . . . but he LIVES on the outskirts WITH Rikki Mortis. "

    Seems to imply they’re “SHACKED UP” ?
    Visuals with pillows, her nighty, then her beside table with his personal effects. while he’s in a nearby shower ?

    Added up, it appears to speak VOLUMES ! ?

  3. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago

    This IS an exceptionally ‘ATTRACTIVE’ daily strip. \
    Wish I owned the Original Art !.

    Rikki has (increasingly), with each appearance, emerged as a Favorite character among the many Conceived and Created by our New Team.
    Liked her right off, from introduction, coming with that thoughtful facial Mole and her rakish Purple Bowler Hat. UNIQUE ! A ‘package’ that seemed to set her apart.

    Strange pick some may think – How would she stand besides (say) their near teens version of Honeymoon ? Or the bizarre, bare-footed, Earth girl Sprocket ?
    Honeymoon is indeed a classic, but Rikki Mortis has been a ‘winning’ presentation from - Day One !

    Seems today, Joe Staton " forgot " to ‘touch on’ - the Mole - her right cheek, near that Skull phone. Oddly, she comes with the character (Abner Kadaver) that to my EYE is the Least of the Apostles (by the Team) judged in the unique Art/Design Culture established by Gould - for Tracy villains !
    Today’s strip, aside from the appeal of Rikki’s appearance in 1 and 2, the composition of panel 3 really ‘grips’ you. It tells you straight off that he wears a MASK, And my early guess is that just like Downwind Jackson (Smilin’ Jadk) or B.O. And Gertie’s “leetle one” - Attitude Plenty, It’s a FACE we will never see !

    , may have the proverbial 9 lives, but one has to hope Rikki has twenty ;-) - and will remain with us - ‘way out’ into the future’
    Hard for Staton or the Team to ever TOP this female creation.

    In this modern era, of “Surviving” Rogues, where Jails never seem to hold them long. Rikki is an absolutely - ‘DELIGHTFUL addition !

  4. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 10 days ago

    KANDICANE LANE . . . "
    Sometime back on the DT Yahoo Board, I recall - Mike dropping the hint that Vitamin would soon have a new ‘Love Interest’.
    Then on the 13th - Vitamin was seen mourning over a picture of dead wife Snowflake.

    Kandicane Lane - might well be that character, and if so - I’d think another possible WINNER !

    Feel confident that Mike will ensure that coming with those beautiful, large eyes, and that touch of a ‘ready smile’ - on her LIPS, that she’ll bring happiness and good cheer to everyone - wherever she goes.
    Her choice of transport (the motorcycle), adds a further FLAIR to the personality !

    Needless to say, Joe Staton has again worked his artistic “magic” to bring her unique appearance to LIFE.
    Just as he had done earlier - for Rikki Morrtis with that mole and a purple Bowler Hat.

  5. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 11 days ago

    Wow ! With SPARKPLUG - comes “promise” of a ‘step up’ (even two?) in the pacing department – on this new assignment, over the - leisurely, Dicky (‘billy-stick’) - dalliance, seen in Simmons Corners !

  6. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 12 days ago

    *"Sam seems wonderfully relaxed today

    “Sam seems wonderfully relaxed today . . .”
    Sharp Eyes there !

    Got to agree !
    Might be getting close, anytime now - to seeing a new Chantix advertisement released on TV and perhaps with a “familiar” face endorsing it ?

    So your observation is ‘right on’. Sam, certainly looks greatly RELAXED, and those Arms behind the Head in panel 2 by Staton beautifully carries the peaceful ‘look’ home !

    It’s been a ‘hard time’ for a few months there, nibbling on that toothpick !

    Remember Tracy’s mustache in the 1970s, that was all done by Gould for an advertising promotion with Gillette !
    Properly handled, it can put a few extra “sheckles” in the pocket !


  7. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 12 days ago

    That guy in the last panel, does he have a mustache or is he sucking on a candy cane?

    Mustache or Candy Cane ?
    As cpalmeresque suspects, this might be our first PEEK at the new Villain in shadow profile ?
    Locher/Collins gave us - Snake Eyes !
    This might well be Shake Tongue - here to tell us the rest on Time Travel after Vitamin just left readers ‘hanging’ foolishly - on the promising word of “WHEN!

    Seems the ‘extravagant’ COSTS - of restoring Simmons Corners with a 1944 ambiance just to convince Prof Kenyon wasn’t really needed. Belinda ‘hypnosis’ worked on everyone else and kept them in line !
    If Axel’s Superiors foolishly sanctioned the ’ expense ’ (?) better he had “banked” it as personal PROFIT and sailed home on the back of Belinda

    Maybe now the l-o-n-g tongues here, it will wag to add full disciplined closure to the Annie case ? ;- )

  8. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 23 days ago

    Fritz Ann THIS ! ? . . . Fritz Ann THAT ! ? ;- )

    Perhaps more meaningfully, she’s showing a little more INITIATIVE these past few days. She’s on Thunder Island as Leader of the Group, but so ‘out-of-sight’, brands her as one that - “Leads from Behind” !

    Good to see she is " shaking off " that earlier Hay Seed morning after ’ *look, before the hay-loft, with a smiling Sam C standing behind her
    She finaly asserted her authority with Axel - just as Punjab, ‘blanket’ on the ‘ready’ was moving in.
    Now today, leading the ‘Search Effort’ through the rubble

  9. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 24 days ago

    Well, for those engaged in carefully counting bodies and the survivors, it seems no one remembered Jasper and Mason who’d closed their businesses to help out ‘full time’ ?

    Presumably, they’d been right there - helping Prof. Kenyon, test tubes and all that . . . ?
    But they were not seen running along with Sam and the Prof ?

  10. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 25 days ago

    Well by golly, here’s a Hew with a Different View *. . . should we factor in - Blue ?

    Does “Thoomm” in the Room, really mean Doom ??

    What was Kenyon CODE Word to Axel, via Annie ?*
    Wasn’t it simply - – “BLUE” ? With a note, “close to success” ?
    Plus Annie’s view : “Axel was sure happy” ! ?

    And, as Ray Toler so ‘aptly’ reminded yesterday, Mike has a way, (on occasion), of omitting wind-up answers (like, who’s skulls in the Crypt, in the Sweatbox case ? And we might add, what happened to Blaze Rize ? Never had explanations*/full clarification *! ?
    So don’t mind now, that the code word Blue - tantalizingly matches back to Diet Smith’s Project Blue Image, which we all know is his experiment’s name for

    • - Time Travel ! ?*
      And further recall - that’s what, the Authors ‘put out’ there to get readers all EXCITED at the beginning ? From Diet Smith, Warbucks and Flintheart !

      Today from Axel’s words, he certainly thinks he’s GOING somewhere - “. . . Get off this Island ?” No swimming needed, just getting into the right Bubble, on time ? ;-) And hope it’s not like Alley Oop’s, too far forward or backward in time ?
      Keenly, Axel - eyes that “bubbling” Cauldron and as we pointedly note, it’s colored BLUE.
      Remember, Sunday page colors are done by - the In House Team (special instructions?), and not by GoComics.
      Whatever the clues or clothing he may leave behind, I suspect Axel will LIVE to comb his Beard another day, in any reincarnation of the Annie strip

      We all can ‘SPECULATE’, but now, this coming week, as we face - “Wrap Up” time, the Big Question likely is, what further, will we hear on Time Travel - from the Authors ?
      My guess,, everyone wishes to hear more.

      The last clarion Clue was - Kenyon’s BLUE . . .
      That came early September, will we now get something to remember ? ?