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Dick Tracy

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  1. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 7 days ago


    " It appears that today, we are Just BIding Our Time Again as Nothing of Import (again), is happening "- Sisyphos - Last week (Nov. 19)

    So he’d OPINED last week on A.A. Stone’s newspaper report on Gruesome (with which I agreed), but more IMPORTANT, this week, one get the feel’ that it’s ‘reoccurring’ right now, *- once AGAIN ! (?)
    A review of the last 2 days strips should urgently RING that bell . . .

    Yesterday’s strip, it was (Sam and “Ham”), together with today’s (Gertie’s “1 of 8 girls”) above. Nothing more concrete !
    You might easily concede there’s a mild touch of humor there, but remain really puzzled at HOW these strips serve to MOVE the story forward ?
    Perhaps they weren’t ? Just there to ‘mark time’ ?

    Now not Complaining - mind you, just Observing !

    It’s a mood, like it had been in Simmons Corners - those relaxed walks in the Park (pacing around without good _story PACING), and then the glass of water needed to ‘wake’ Tracy up !
    And not just from his Hypnotic stupor !

    Bach here, I’m sure, they’ll be a few, more magnanimous (ready like Freddy) readers, to *explain
    to the less perceptive ones (like yours truly), exactly how or why they’re MORE than ‘Glide Over’ strips, and do meaningfully take the story forward ! (?)

    Last week, I really liked that ‘turn of phrase’ (Nov.19), from Sisyphos, as he speculated on the future relevance (if any) of A.A. Stone’s compliment on Gruesome’s acting. It was a lot more ELEGANT than my less discrete phrasing in observing much the same thing

    Sisyphos more fully said. on Nov’19 . . .

    " Good grief! Could Christopher Cushing possibly convince Gruesome (so to speak) to go straight?! Or is paying him a compliment in the press going to get A.A. Stone into dire straits? And unless A.A. Stone turns out somehow to be a ‘major plot’ point, it appears that today we are just biding our time, as nothing of import (again: unless A.A. Turns out to be important!) is happening"

  2. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 8 days ago

    Comments moving a bit slowly this morning * . . .*

    Not much to comment on, cause Not Much of Substance Happening !

    Except Staton does have a nice," healthy looking" profile of Sam in panel 3
    In the pink of health and apparently toothpick and Nicotine Patch FREE.
    Would be excellent art to go with a No Smoking Ad !

  3. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 9 days ago

    • " . . . I suppose the next step is for Vitamin to invite Tracy to the opening night . . ."*
      Well, it seems you have put a finger on it there . . .
      This is likely how Tracy becomes involved in the case -(good providence riding by his side) and happenchance, ‘bouncing’ into it all - by ACCIDENT ?

      Perhaps the Man without a Plan, should consult with Mr, Am ?

  4. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 10 days ago

    Well there goes my ‘Hoped For’ THEORY - out the Window . . .
    Confirmation ! Agate Aggie IS indeed A. A. Stone an Actress in the play.
    And not the slightest indication that the name Plenty is associated with her, or that she may have a child named Dade or Perfume !

    One can see a facial outline that vaguely connects her back to Gertie, (good points for Staton), and she’s been blessed by absence of the ‘Marble Eye’ eye Syndrome !
    The thought of Shrew pops up, but to her credit she’s there praising another actors performance.

    Yet obviously, the reason for her presence, comes to mind (?) Is she just thrown in for ‘conversation’ purposes (she got that yesterday) or as a useful “filler” for 2 days ?
    Alternatively, will her presence have a more profound result on future events/ results ? Will she meet with sister Gertie and add further family substance to te Family

    One hopes so, I’m not too sanguine, but it would be a pity to ‘Glide Over’ this opportunity !

    And before leaving, my Congratulations to Pequod77 - for yet another. truly Enjoyable Winner in Verse !

  5. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 10 days ago

    it is indeed possible that Agate Aggie could be the female Actress A.A. Stone, but at best it’s a weak hint. But time will tell !

    Whatever made you think I wanted her to be named Plenty ? Like you often do, I was just speculating - and with a solution that could help explain the ambiguity of Perfume and Dade having the Plenty Sur name, having been left, without any indication in the Strip, that they’re (in any way) directlyrelated to B.O.!

    No wish to sound promiscuous, but were her name to end up as - “A. A. PLENTY- STONE. . .
    it might be perceived (by some), as having a rather embarrassing - “Masculine” ring to it ! ?
    Question after, will we still be left agonizing, maybe, “way down the road” - over the ‘oddity’ of their Plenty name !
    Not Mike’s problem, but as the current Author he can solve it !
    He did, after the event. put a ‘Uniform’ on Tracy’s back ! ? ;-)

  6. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 11 days ago

    FURTHER . . . on Gertie’s niece Perfume Plenty . . .

    Forgot to mention that in the same time period a junior villain DADE PLENTY - (purse snatcher/dress designer) would appear. (Both - still alive today).
    He was identified as a COUSIN of Perfume’s - and so, apparently is not related to B.O’s family directly.

    If I can slip into ‘Speculation’ (or ‘supposing’) MODE (like others ;-) To paint a rosier picture . . .
    I might suggest that possibly Gertie’s sister, Agate Aggie -might well have a married name, say - PLENTY . . . and ‘Low and Behold’ she’ll be the mother of Dade or Perfume ?

    But often - those “Let me Help you UP” perceptions, are little more - than groundless conjecture !? ;- )

    In the meantime, with so much ALREADY on the PLATE - And Waiting to be Resolved, you’ve got to be OPTIMISTIC that a meeting will occur before early 2016 ?

    EXAMPLE : On Dec. 30, 2011, Mike with his usual kindness - dropped a TIP . . .
    He said then . . .
    “Way down the road we’d like to do a story with all the Plenty Brothers”

    Now that could be a real ‘CORKER’ *!
    I’d LOVE to see it ! Maybe including Morin and by now new bride - Carduey. his Former sister in law ?
    But that was some THREE years ago . . .
    How, you going to MEASURE - “way down the road” ?

    Ideas … Ideas. But as Gweedo noted, there’s a need for that 4th panel !

  7. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 11 days ago

    Seems we have a pause here (?) - to inform of an upcoming story-line in the near future . . .

    Actually, this brings back MEMORIES of Perfume Plenty - introduced 1976 as Gertie’s niece, yet (somehow, oddly ?) having the B.O. family name of Plenty (?)
    (A little ‘Aging’ Creeping in ?)

    Hazy blond haired Perfume was a beauty, she’d been a former Hollywood Starlet and Model, and came to stay (originally) at Sunny Dell Acres, dominating most of Gould’s latter story-lines from Sept 1976 through Dec.1977
    Likely best remembered for her story with Governor Otis, both kidnapped, then trapped on a Ferris wheel during a Winter storm. Where the Governer would fall to his death

    I’m going to anticipate that this sister in like fashion, with turn out to be younger, and something of a BEAUTY !.
    But I’d also imagine she won’t come adorned with the name Plenty ! (?) ;- )

  8. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 12 days ago

    And Gweedo, “speaking” of PANELS
    there was a good one in panel 2 on Oct, 17th – Vitamin - speaking at a Press Conference with Coffee Grounds and Miss Fisher . . .
    It almost seems he was directing his words to TRACY (and Neil might note too) when he said . . .


    The Old Bard has been known (with that June 28, Stage pronouncement), to Intentionally Misdirect - the time he implied re Tracy, it’s not ‘Where’, but ‘WHEN’ !

    THIS time Battery fully charged - he seems to be SPOT ON !

  9. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 12 days ago

    • " All that missing action is contained in the 4th panels on the cutting room floor. "*
      Good thinking !
      Those may well be the Missing Space Coup - in the Bathroom scenes, that one Jim M frequently COMPLAINS about - on the DT Yahoo Board !
      And frankly, it may well be - the sort of Missing ‘Action’, that most will agree, is best left - right there ! (?)

  10. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 12 days ago

    *" A murderer, who was previously arrested by Dick Tracy, has now escaped from prison, and is on the loose now having had plastic surgery to make him unrecognizable, possibly looking for revenge on Tracy. According to Sydney, this is not something of pressing concern to Dick Tracy, and is beneath the dignity of the MCU to investigate

    .I’m not sure if murderers escaping from jail are a low priority item in Trinidad, but in the United States etc etc "*

    Well those statements do come across as a tad patronizing and serving to distort the points I had made on Tracy’s Activity (or rather, lack thereof) in the current story-line !

    To judge by Chet Gould standards a Crime always occurs within the first 3 weeks of the tale, and Tracy is actively on to it.
    Part of that purpose was to ‘avoid’ Sluggish Pacing, as had occurred in what seemed excessive dawdling around in the Simmons Corners sequence which ran for several weeks. Unnecessary scenes of padding, among them, that theatre visit with Annie to plan an escape, but no plan was discussed ! (?)

    Technically, in this story, a Crime by prison escape has occurred, the news via Sam was acknowledged like a ‘passing thought’, - the name of the escapee not even mentioned, and the Major Crime Unit hasn’t lifted a finger to do squat about it. (?)

    Yet, more quickly acknowledged (Tracy – Nov. 3rd) - were the long outstanding Cases I spoke of.. But WHAT action has the MCU taken ? - on any of them, or on the escapee case ?

    Here we are, on the cusp of completing week 5 - And Tracy’s vague action is to go off to Lunch, followed by what seemed (dare I suggest?) - the MCU’s priority - a visit to Diet Smith for an update on Blue Image his Time Travel project ?

    Unless that was a subtle plan up for consideration ? Go - Back in Time and prevent the Escape ? ;- )

    Perhaps with my witless perspective, I hadn’t spotted that ploy at all (?)

    Perhaps too in the absence of doing anything constructive or an absence of thought of a plan . . .
    Tracy will just depend on good providence - to BUMP into IT, all by ‘accident’ ??

    What do you think ?

    Better that way, than like those ‘passing ships’ in the night, one never sees . . .