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Dick Tracy

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  1. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 26 minutes ago

    Here Today . . . Gone Tomorrow . . . ?

    Much Ado about Nothing ? A Little Activity again. No results ! ?

    As the strip continues to play a comic strip variation of “Hop Scotch” - jumping to a NEW visual scenario each day, before clarifying what had fully transpired at the current one !
    With readers - to Prop Up a Stream of Question Marks for each location . . .
    Nearly a fresh one every day . . . ?

    Mini Mysteries ? Visual Teasers left to hang out without any answers, The (intentional?) contradictions in the Adonis one is a masterpiece in that world of Puzzles . . .

    How now, and where to next - Brown Cow ?

  2. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy about 19 hours ago

    Never cease marvelling at your choice of panels, enlarged and presented in a crisp, clean and attractive style !

    Enjoyed the one today !

  3. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy about 20 hours ago

    “She is literally not the same woman anymore, especially her mind . . .

    The ‘Mind’ ! ?
    That could become a worrying aspect, were the DNA to change her mind the way it changed her Horns . . .
    Like throw out (or absorb and discharge) any mental restraint that she is not the original.

    Only Mike Curtis’ pen stands between that and abomination, where she sees herself as truly Junior Tracy’s wife and what that might bring.
    Yes, she had earlier ‘wrestled’ with the problem (attacking Sparkle) but perhaps some remaining restraint helped her retreat.
    But what IF there is complete DNA takeover of the Mind ?
    Two Hands Clap, the Physical and the Mind ?
    Will Honeymoon be ‘perceived’ as her real child ? . . . and Sparkle ? ? ?

  4. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy about 20 hours ago

    “I agree that she didn’t barge in. She knocked on the door and, very considerately, she waited until a slightly more decent hour to do so.”

    Well, it wasn’t an arrival within conventional visiting hours . . .
    It seems that the 6.00am ‘knock on the door’ only becomes ‘slightly’ more decent, if there had been earlier consideration on arriving during the dark of night.
    And Junior’s ‘hesitancy’ seemed to suggest - it was an awkward hour !

    Charlie’s post (bless his heart), focuses more on the eventual ‘good outcome’, than on the stricter breech of etiquette !

    Goodwill aside, some could have seen it as verbally ‘elbowing’ herself, into the privacy - of an early morning household.

  5. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    . . . my comment was aimed mostly at Sydney who has been saying that Diet Smith is so irrelevant”

    He remains Relevant ?

    I guess (in your books?), going on the Lecture circuit for just two people, is a convincing “indicator” of carving out new business relevance ?
    Lesser indicators might be the Space Coupe invention, his Blue Image (Time Travel research) ?
    And the unique characters with the renewed interest these brought to the world of Dick Tracy.
    So fiddlesticks ! On a whim, just ‘drop them’ all !
    No Big Thing !

    Diet’s never had a history of being a good judge of character. One could start with his wife Irma who killed his business partner, stole his plans for the 2 Way Wrist Radio, and ultimately shot to kill former husband Diet in his bathtub
    His employment practices in the Moon era allowed may criminals to infiltrate his operation (e.g. Chin Chillars / Purdy Faller) and even later in the Locher years he had employed, Research Scientist (and criminal) Dr. Figment Froid (‘Mind reading’ fame).

    At least some posters here question his rationale for effectively adopting the flesh and blood body of Posie Ermine’s criminal daughter, coming with a DNA implant, and some mouth altering surgery to “look” more like the original Moon Maid !
    We have to keep ‘fingers crossed’ (and Mike), that a full mental conversion will also occur, and that no ‘tainted’ traits remain ! ?
    Any unexpected Mindy like “kick-back” attacks, could be a problem !
    We can’t be sure that Dr. Zy Ghote got his process 100% right

    In the meantime, Diet Smith Industries has no new ‘project’ operational to generate exciting activity in Dick Tracy.
    However, he still has his Space Coupe Remote Control gizmo which sent Drs. Sail, Ghote and the Munro pilot off into space in the direction of Jupiter.

    Theoretically, others might try to get at Him via that, to get control of the renegade Space Coupe

  6. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    “*. . . to smoke in front of children, second hand smoke kills and it sets a bad example! Shame on you Poppa!”

    Well you might have minor ‘differences’ (‘user name’ comes to mind) but here is yet ‘another thing’ that you - and Rightwingmoron have in common !

  7. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    Maybe Mike IS setting up the Chess Pieces, and thinks will fall in place eventually.
    In the meantime he has Tracy looking very incompetent . . .
    But give him credit in one area . . . he can drop some amazing surprises in front of us,
    e.g. Stiletta Flattop’s death by Sprocket !

  8. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    Well of July 1, Fritz Ann said the FBI’s response team found nothing - no leads.
    Seams it was Tracy that asked Ted Tellum to come in for questioning.

    Seems logical to bring Axelrod, apparently right there in the City for Questioning. He was likely well known along with Cork and Fontane as ‘close’ confidants of Jimmy’s.
    He Tracy couldn’t be so ‘dense that having seen he killed two, Jimmy was trying to kill the 3rd - (Axelrod).
    Easy to make a ’link’, one would think ?
    There should be an urgent APB out on him right now !
    The name wasn’t even mentioned there as a “thread” - in passing ! ?
    Gweedo is right, this last weeks strips is little more than Dust in ‘our’ eyes in passing’
    Got to be careful of not to keep on doing “Lochers” - that is having lots of Clues, but none ever seemed to ‘lead’ to anything (?) . . . Tracy had to ‘stumble’ by accident, into what was happening !

  9. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    “. . . it would not hurt my feelings if Mumbles slept with the fishes….”

    Had he been capable of replying in understandable English, he might have told you - ‘on sleeping with the fishes*…*’


    Actually, under the pens of Dick Locher and Mike Kilian - Oct/Nov 1994, when an old Mumbles died and body stitched in canvas was ‘Buried at Sea’
    They encountered ‘copyright’ problem with Max Collins (creation / recreations?) and had to ignore Collins restoring Mumbles to life and then “do” their own fix from his first death.
    Believe one of Mike’s advisors (my guess Doherty?), persuaded him to “ignore the death” as “non canon” . . .
    And so, “Shazam” - Mumbles “reappeared” as if by magic in modern day Dick Tracy !

  10. SYDNEY PHILLIPS GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    A Week of STALEMATE at EVERY GATE . . .


    Young teeny fracas, empowered Honeymoon bullies all around, Police woman there, issue left up in ‘Mid Air’ !


    “Only we four " ?
    But what about the man downstairs that opened the door, the individual that sold it, those that transported it to the building and up to Bribery’s floor ? The ‘unknown’ confidents of the seller or of the transporters ?

    Tuesday: and Wednesday:

    “Preoccupied” the Text Box said, describing Tracy, his MCU and Fritz Ann of the FBI on the stolen Bullion . . .
    It took no more than a panel or two to figure out they still (collectively) didn’t have a Clue of what to Do (?)
    Nothing had ‘changed’ (since May 3rd), when Mole handed him a Hot - timely ‘to the Lake- workable Clue !
    “Astonishingly”, he apparently dropped it right there on the rail tracks, returning to the City and the MCU
    And then, later in the City, ‘complained’ to Sam of not knowing what to Do

    Then in Wednesday’s strip, Tracy held out a ‘thin ray’ of hope - a lead “witness”, (Tellum) would be coming in for questioning ! On then to Thursday . . .

    Sam’s seen to shrug at the Media Circus gathering, Tellum’s there in a self promoting shirt. But no questioning was seen to occur. For readers (anxious to see some ‘progress’) it was a Nothing Event !
    You only get to ‘wonder’ why they “bothered” to Show It ?

    You’re getting around to ‘thinking’ Tracy’s ‘not all there’, you’re kind of worried that if he gets another clue (?) he might just drop it in the Waste Paper Basket and with Sam take another drive around the City to ‘CLEAR his Head’ ?
    So, yet another day. of No apparent Progress ! (?)


    ‘Suddenly -* we are in Florida (Tellum. Witchell have disappeared) ? ?
    What we SEE is Mumbles in swimsuit on a beach. And you start to “think” this must be of considerably greater ’importance’ than Tellum’s evidence ?


    But we have to ‘wait again’ - it’s the July 4, Independence Observation Strip

    The good news here is that the “real” Cops and FBI - performed ‘admirably’ . . .
    Not One Reported Attack by the Terrorists !

    Seems comic strip Tracy and Fritz Anne are in the same (can’t say Boat ;-) but rote will do as ISIS.
    Just that they are trying to go in different directions !

    As I reflect on the change of focus from day to day . . . it must have been a ‘Nightmare’ week for Timmy !