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  1. charlenelin1201 commented on Tarzan 8 months ago

    Tarzan vs Bruce Lee, who will win?

  2. charlenelin1201 commented on Tarzan 8 months ago

    Tarzan never kills, unless he has to. I salute to that.

  3. charlenelin1201 commented on Tarzan 8 months ago

    Why bother tying them up. Finish them off! Just kidding, Tarzan’s wouldn’t kill unless he has to.

  4. charlenelin1201 commented on Tarzan 8 months ago

    That smile on her face. She’s beginning to love the adventure.

  5. charlenelin1201 commented on The Argyle Sweater 9 months ago

    They even demanded their gold back from the Federal Government. Trust is low, and when the dollar collapse, Texas will go their own way.

  6. charlenelin1201 commented on Tarzan about 2 years ago

    The order of events here is not logical. He should only set the fuse AFTER he knocked Tarzan out, presumably he did.

  7. charlenelin1201 commented on Tarzan over 2 years ago

    Mother and child reunion is only a moment away.

  8. charlenelin1201 commented on Andy Capp over 2 years ago

    If Flo lose pounds, she’ll be out of the comic script.

  9. charlenelin1201 commented on Luann over 2 years ago

    Oh No. Not Knox. Nothing is better than Knox.

  10. charlenelin1201 commented on Luann almost 3 years ago

    Nobody wants a man who can’t take the initiative. Gunther is going to be the protector of both Rosa and the kids, if they have a future together. Is he up to the job? That is a man sized job. His niceness is more like weakness. He is going to be pushed around and Rosa will have to stand up for him. I don’t think he even understands what Rosa means by “risk” and been “bold”. He reminds me of Jon in Garfield. He had better wake up now.