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  1. hachidori commented on F Minus almost 4 years ago


    That’s not what animal testing is. They don’t simply put the products on animals, they give them insanely high amounts of specific chemicals in the products that might be damaging, and see at what levels those products cause physical damage. Check out some lectures or articles on it, for cosmetics animal testing is pretty barbaric and outdated.

  2. hachidori commented on 2 Cows and a Chicken almost 4 years ago

    Just discovered this strip. So hilarious. It’s nice to see cows and chickens kickin’ butt, ‘cause lately I’ve been super depressed after visiting a factory farm and seeing how cows and chickens are abused en masse in the corporate quest to get as much profit as possible.

  3. hachidori commented on F Minus almost 4 years ago

    I should be laughing at this just like all the F minus comics, but I just saw such a heartbreaking video about the realities of the pork industry so it just makes me kinda’ sad.