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  1. gmoldmule commented on F Minus 2 days ago

    Richard Gere broke him out…

  2. gmoldmule commented on Birdbrains 2 days ago

    Judging from the eyes in the bushes, I think Waldo went Nature Boy on us…. He’s probably stouting a loin cloth and some chest hair now.

  3. gmoldmule commented on The Flying McCoys 4 days ago

    Yeah, but the kitty poo and bunny nuggets are outside the fence.

  4. gmoldmule commented on Eek! 4 days ago

    I’m figuring they would start loosing body parts trying to dance to the other songs….

  5. gmoldmule commented on F Minus 7 days ago

    So a crab that isn’t a crab… Seems like an identity crisis.

  6. gmoldmule commented on Birdbrains 11 days ago

    See, cheap Mexican food and greasy burgers saves lives.

  7. gmoldmule commented on Reality Check 12 days ago

    We had a guy back in college that looked like that. He was on roids and never worked his legs. One day I told him he might want to spend some time working legs before he fell over and couldn’t get back up… I don’t think he liked that much.

  8. gmoldmule commented on The Duplex 14 days ago

    It’s called a mirror…

  9. gmoldmule commented on Close to Home 14 days ago

    New movie? Death Becomes Him?

  10. gmoldmule commented on The Flying McCoys 14 days ago

    Heard of kissing fish, but a kissing frog? That’s just crazy talk.