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  1. gmoldmule commented on WuMo 1 day ago

    It would be cheaper to ship them to some island in the S. Pacific….

  2. gmoldmule commented on Last Kiss 1 day ago

    A woman changing is only a temporary thing.
    But, this one could go two ways. Is she meaning “change my cloths and sexual interests” or act like someone I’m not till you fall for me and then become the opposite?

    I haven’t figured out if the time spent “Figuring out who I am and what I want” is really just another temporary change ploy or not…

  3. gmoldmule commented on Eek! 1 day ago

    That could be true…. Interesting to ponder.

  4. gmoldmule commented on Dude and Dude 24 days ago

    Inquiring dudes would like to know why he spent the night in the hotel…..

  5. gmoldmule commented on Reality Check 24 days ago

    I’d say she already has a drinking problem, with an overbite like that….

  6. gmoldmule commented on Strange Brew 29 days ago

    Fradycat. So not smart of nasser…. :)
    Everyone knows he would just go hide under a couch if he could find one.

  7. gmoldmule commented on Eek! 29 days ago

    Problem here is Voldy doesn’t have a wand to get stripped from his hand using that spell, so, the SlimJim really doesn’t come into play here.

  8. gmoldmule commented on F Minus about 1 month ago

    Richard Gere broke him out…

  9. gmoldmule commented on Birdbrains about 1 month ago

    Judging from the eyes in the bushes, I think Waldo went Nature Boy on us…. He’s probably stouting a loin cloth and some chest hair now.

  10. gmoldmule commented on The Flying McCoys about 1 month ago

    Yeah, but the kitty poo and bunny nuggets are outside the fence.