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  1. Gda47 commented on Stuart Carlson about 2 years ago

    The wrong person is depicted in this cartoon. Police aren’t choking justice, it is ignorant shallow thinking based on incomplete facts and yellow journalism.

  2. Gda47 commented on Clay Bennett about 2 years ago

    Maybe Bennett needs to glasses to see what happened in totality rather than see sensational media clips

  3. Gda47 commented on Clay Bennett about 2 years ago

    Don Thompson, CEO of McDonald’s compensation was down to $9.5 million last year. The question is, did he work 630 times more hours, did he work 630 times harder, did he make 630 times more burgers and fries that the front line McDonald’s employee? Were his customer facings 630 times more effective than the employee at the counter? McDonald’s can afford to pay a $15 an hour wage and remain a profitable company.

  4. Gda47 commented on Michael Ramirez over 3 years ago

    Racial strife is a big business addition for more than just the media