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  1. 1JennyJenkins commented on Heart of the City 11 months ago

    I just looked it up in Wikipedia: …when school begins in fall but have yet to advance a grade. In the early 2000s (Post 2003, pre 2005), Heart is second grade, yet in a 2009 September strip, Dean claims there is nothing better than a fourth grader at a first grade table, hinting they may be fourth grade, hence slowly progressing in age.

  2. 1JennyJenkins commented on PreTeena 11 months ago

    From observing grim looking people as they age, they have more jowls and scowls and look so much older than their age. A smile takes away at least 15 years when you are 90 years old…

  3. 1JennyJenkins commented on Heart of the City 11 months ago

    Read the poster: 2nd and 3rd grade…
    Both of them are in 3rd, from the past commix stories…

  4. 1JennyJenkins commented on For Better or For Worse 12 months ago

    Yes, it is true, from about 11 to about 19 my son was a bottomlesss pit. He would have a snack before supper, consisiting of a fair sized sandwich (a la Dagwood) and then have supper and then about two hours later a snack during studying, and a snack after… Even if I cooked with the thought of having the leftovers for next day’s supper, like a tuna casserole, or a lazagna, he would finish 3/4 of the dish so he would have the small leftover portion for his school lunch the next day… He drank milk by the gallon. We used to buy about 10 a week…He never cared for snack type of foods, like chips, or soda pop, even today… He doesn’t eat like that anymore. He was always into sports and all kinds of fitness, and never got overweight. We used to buy about 250 lbs of potatoes, and 100 lbs of onions, from a farmer to last us the winter, and we bought apples and pears by the bushel. Not anymore, now that it is only my husband & I at home, we sure spend a lot less on food, to say the least…

  5. 1JennyJenkins commented on For Better or For Worse about 1 year ago

    I guess you wouldn’t want to be a contestant on “The Amazing Race”… ; – )

  6. 1JennyJenkins commented on PreTeena about 1 year ago

    Parents’ job is to teach children how to behave in all kinds of situations. I think that the children miss out on the enjoyment of the place because they don’t know how to behave in those places, so they react in the only way they know how: panic; so they start to act up and yell, and run around.

    When my kids were very young, once they were old enough to accompany us, I would prepare them about an outing before we got there. We would read a book about it or I would describe the situation and then ask them about it, so when we got there, they would recall what we talked about.

    But in this case, I think it is funny because it is a comic, and I like Teena’s reactions. She is so smart.

  7. 1JennyJenkins commented on PreTeena about 1 year ago

    Sounds deeeelish!

  8. 1JennyJenkins commented on Pooch Cafe about 1 year ago

    You are so right, Elsie… my dog hates the next door neighbor on the right side, and barks at every one of them, and there are five people there. She doesn’t bark at the neighbors behind us, or on the other side of us. Since we have had those people as neighbors for over 30 years, I know that the unkind ones are the ones my dog doesn’t like.

    I have a friend who says that she is scared of dogs, and my dog doesn’t bark at her at all when she comes to visit, and when we have tea she comes and lies down beside her, not even touching her. I was wondering if our dog does it, to prove to her that she shouldn’t be scrared…

  9. 1JennyJenkins commented on Adam@Home about 1 year ago

    How do you figure that a recycling program would be costing you less in taxes? Do you even know how a recycling program works?

    There is a plant where people work to sort items which have been deposited in those boxes. Before this step, a factory to do the sorting had to be built… Meanwhile, did you reduce your contribution to the weekely or bi-weekly garbage collection, or did you increase it, just because there is recycyling? Plus the landfill and/or incineration still continues for non-recyclable stuff. So now you are paying for the two streams: garbage landfill and sorting.

    Look into it, and you’ll find that your amount of garbage is the reason that a recycling program doesn’t pay for itself…

    I’m always amazed that people want certain services from any level of government and they want low taxes. Do you expect people that set up those services and/ or later provide those services to work for free?

  10. 1JennyJenkins commented on PreTeena about 1 year ago

    “latke” means “small patch” and comes from the word
    “late” meaning “patch” as in “to sew on a patch” I thought you ‘guys’ would like to know that. I guess the potato pan cakes must have got that name because in days gone by sewing was all in a day’s work … and those potato pancakes sputtering in oil do look like little patches…