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  1. SaskSledDog commented on Dick Tracy about 14 hours ago

    Not anymore. Most of the newspapers moved out beginning in 1986 when Rupert Murdoch, in a colossal bit of union busting moved his newspapers to Wapping in East London. Murdoch fired all of the print workers who had worked in Fleet Street (members of one union) and staffed the plant in Wapping with printers from another “friendlier” union. Most of the other publishers soon followed suit, with Reuters finally leaving in 2005.

  2. SaskSledDog commented on Get Fuzzy about 14 hours ago

    Not to mention watching guys in body armour stand around for an hour and 45 minutes in a game that has a time clock that say it takes one hour to play but from which there’s only about fifteen minute of actual action. Welcome to the NFL. Give me the National Lacrosse League any day.

  3. SaskSledDog commented on Last Kiss 1 day ago

    Has she considered the exciting world of supervillainy? Wealth! Travel!! Sex!!! Sometimes even kinky sex!!!! And if you really excel you too could end up as the side piece of a millionaire playboy superhero the way that Catwoman did. And she did all that without a boob job or a skimpy outfit (a skintight bodysuit is not skimpy). Practice hard enough and you might even become a superhero on your own terms just like Catwoman. Supervillainy. It’s the way to go.

  4. SaskSledDog commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    That’s the old Abbey National bank building which occupied the number 215-229 Baker Street. The bank has since left that location. They used to have a person whose job it was to respond to all of the letters to Sherlock Holmes. However there was an address dispute when the museum opened at what should be 239 Baker Street. The museum was renumbered as 221B by the Westminster council, much tothe consternation of the Abbey National. Abbey National moved in 2005 which resolved the problem.

    All of this arose because when Doyle wrote the Sherlock Holmes novels Baker Street didn’t have houses numbered as high as 221. It should have remained, like the location of Nero Wolfe’s New York brownstone, a mythical place.

  5. SaskSledDog commented on Peanuts Begins 1 day ago

    Well if your name is Cecil and you’re racing against a rabbit named Bugs.

  6. SaskSledDog commented on Gasoline Alley 4 days ago

    Because they’re even dumber than Skeezix is (since in this particular situation he’s not being very bright if he takes that deal).

  7. SaskSledDog commented on Dick Tracy 4 days ago

    A littel more complicated than that. The Chester character originated in the radio version of Gunsmoke, played by Parley Baer. He was basically portrayed as a lazy fellow but Marshall Dillon’s good friend. I don’t think he was ever officially called a deputy. Three things changed when the series went to TV. First Baer and the rest of the radio cast were replace. Second, Chester’s last name was changed from “Proudfoot” to “Goode” because someone at the network assumed that people would assume that the name Proudfoot was an Indian name. Third, they gave Chester a limp because they’d cast Dennis Weaver for the role and they felt that they needed an explanation for why an able bodied young fellow like him would be hanging around the Marshal’s office.

  8. SaskSledDog commented on Annie 5 days ago

    And the other half of the navy is trying to get a date with Santiago.

  9. SaskSledDog commented on Tarzan 5 days ago

    Is her first name Anne? You know, Anne Nemone. (I’m here all week folks. Try the veal and don’t forget to tip your servers.)

  10. SaskSledDog commented on Get Fuzzy 5 days ago

    ‘Is the war over?’
    ‘What did they do with the Kaiser?’

    Ed the Guard (played by Joseph Kerns who later went on to play Mr. Wilson on “Dennis The Menace”) and Jack Benny on the old Jack Benny radio show around 1950. A classic bit, although sometimes they stretched it back to the Spanish American War, or even the Civil War.