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Peanuts Begins by Charles Schulz

Peanuts Begins

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  1. SaskSledDog commented on Dick Tracy 3 days ago

    I’ll bet Joe McCarthy would have worn an American Flag lapel pin if the Taiwanese were making them then.

  2. SaskSledDog commented on Annie 5 days ago

    The latter part was particularly forgotten in the musical “Annie.” Oh well, at least it’s nice to know that ghosts don’t need wheelchairs.

  3. SaskSledDog commented on Get Fuzzy 7 days ago

    Let’s see, as I recall at least one of his parents was an American citizen, which makes him as much a natural born American as Ted Cruz, who was born in Calgary Alberta Canada, or Mitt Romney’s father George (who ran for President in 1968 but was Mexico) or John McCain (born in what was the Panama Canal Zone).

  4. SaskSledDog commented on Dick Tracy 10 days ago

    Seems to me that Bribery is overstepping. I was under the impression that Abner Kadaver and Rikki Mortis were independent contractors rather on a work for hire basis rather than employees. As such if she chooses to work for another “client” – in this case Ms. Rikki Mortis of TracyTown – he doesn’t have any cause to prevent her from completing that task for her new client. Of course since they’re all crooks, I doubt that contract law comes into the equation much.

  5. SaskSledDog commented on Tarzan 13 days ago

    “Gemnon Gemnon, beside me stand. Who’s the fairest in the land.”
    “If you’re the queen, it is you, if not Nemone looks like a shrew.”

  6. SaskSledDog commented on Get Fuzzy 13 days ago

    Ted Cruz on the other hand was not born in the United States. He was born in Calgary, Alberta Canada. His father was – at the time – a Canadian citizen although he was born in Cuba. His mother however was an American citizen at the time of his birth making her son a natural born American citizen, that is an American citizen at the time of his birth by virtue of having one US citizen parent.(he was also a Canadian citizen based on the location of his birth; Cruz made an unnecessarily big deal of renouncing his Canadian citizenship). Even if Barack Obama was born in Kenya – which he was not – he would have been a natural born American citizen by virtue of the fact that his mother was a citizen of the United States.

  7. SaskSledDog commented on Last Kiss 14 days ago

    “And I want true love. A soul mate. Just like you…only richer…and with a bigger one eyed trouser snake. Much bigger.”

  8. SaskSledDog commented on Gasoline Alley 16 days ago

    We don’t know how far away it is, and incidentally, most water found in the “great outdoors” needs to be boiled to be potable. Even a bubbling mountain stream has the likelihood of being contaminated if only because of animal waste.

  9. SaskSledDog commented on Get Fuzzy 16 days ago

    I’ve heard it was a lyre.
    And by the way Rob, Bucky may not be able to play the violin, but he is manufacturing one of the component parts – cat gut.

  10. SaskSledDog commented on Peanuts Begins 17 days ago

    He was overselling the green ones. This led her to think that the green ones couldn’t be any good which is why she took a red one.