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  1. SaskSledDog commented on B.C. about 11 hours ago

    Whatever you do don’t go into a Hallmark Store in August!!

  2. SaskSledDog commented on Get Fuzzy 3 days ago

    Including an officers hat that we are meant to assume belonged to General Eisenhower.

  3. SaskSledDog commented on Gasoline Alley 8 days ago

    They were basically contemporaries. In fact they both appeared in “The Cinnamon Bear” program that was aired around Christmas starting in the 1930s.

  4. SaskSledDog commented on Gasoline Alley 10 days ago

    Because they have always used a mule driven cart. It is one of the given facts of the strip, along with the fact that there is a company that runs a steam locomotive, and that Walt Wallet is over 110 years old. DON’T question it.

  5. SaskSledDog commented on Get Fuzzy 10 days ago

    Then you’d LOVE IPL (Indian Premier League) Cricket. Each team has scantily clad cheerleaders. Oddly enough not one of them is from Asia let alone India. Most are blonde blue eyed European girls.

  6. SaskSledDog commented on Annie 12 days ago

    Franklin W. Dixon was a pen name used by the Stratemeyer Syndicate for their Hardy Boys books. Various writers “were” Franklin W. Dixon, the first being Leslie MacFarlane. MacFarlane was a newspaper writer and later a scriptwriter for documentary films. He wrote the Hardy Boys books – a job he hated – to pay bills that his regular job didn’t cover.

  7. SaskSledDog commented on Peanuts Begins 12 days ago

    And so do most golfers. That’s why the golf club and ball industry is so huge.

  8. SaskSledDog commented on Get Fuzzy 12 days ago

    And to present the opposing position: Go Jays!

  9. SaskSledDog commented on Tarzan 15 days ago

    It is not MRS Clayton, it is LADY Clayton.

  10. SaskSledDog commented on Annie 15 days ago

    I read the other day about a woman who had to replace her mailbox three times because youngsters kept destroying it with firecrackers (big firecrackers but firecrackers nonetheless). By the way this was in the 1950s in Mount Kisco, New York and the woman was prominent actress and TV personality Arlene Francis.