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  1. Pebbles04 commented on Garfield over 3 years ago


  2. Pebbles04 commented on Fat Cats about 4 years ago

    Keeping up with the Jones`s!

  3. Pebbles04 commented on Flo and Friends about 4 years ago

    people are so age sensitive!

  4. Pebbles04 commented on For Better or For Worse about 4 years ago

    john did something very nice for the family and nobody acknowled it or even said thank you.How sad is that, and even more sad ,things like this happen all the time.It`s a damn shame people take other peoples kind gestures and forget or ignore these all the time.No wonder people don`t bother anymore!

  5. Pebbles04 commented on Lio about 4 years ago

    It`s a shame that there`s actually a potion called love potion #9.If we just opened our hearts to love and used less energy on hatred,we`d be living in a much better place.

  6. Pebbles04 commented on Garfield Minus Garfield about 4 years ago

    music is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

  7. Pebbles04 commented on Garfield about 4 years ago

    Garfield,things are not that bad, why don`t you just take a load off and play in the pretty leaves?

  8. Pebbles04 commented on Over the Hedge about 4 years ago

    if our pets don`t have souls then why do they know exactly when we are down in the dups and are always there to console us.Even though they don`t speak our language they always know how to translate it.Why are they the most loving, loyal, nonjudgemental companions.Why do they know in advance if a family member is about to have a siezure.Why do they come into our lives at a time thats always perfectly planned in some way.I believe our pets our here to teach us lessons in life, and why after they`ve come into our lives do our lives seem to unfold or blossom.

  9. Pebbles04 commented on Broom Hilda about 4 years ago

    why are people so shallow sometimes and so forgetful of how special you are in so many ways.People seem to forget so quickly what an important role you played.If people would take the time to see what a warm heart you have maybe they`d take a closer look at how beatiful you really are not just on the inside but also on the outside.Some of the prettiest females and some of the bestlooking guys have cold cruel hearts and think that because of there good looks they seem to think they are above everone else and often its sad but true but very beautiful people really are treated differently than those who are homely ,plain and simply ordinary.Beautiful people seem to think that they are better and expect things to be simply handed to them, be it oppurtunities, getting any guy she wants and expects to be pampered.Whats so sad is when ,these beautiful people become rude ,cruel,so self-centered.Often these beautiful people start to become dependant on thier beauty that they don`t develop other means of a personality or how to truly relate.The world they live in is not the real world,and god forbid if they lost thier looks.How would they handle people no longer taking double takes at them.Often, if the beautiful person is a female she`s so used to guy`s flocking to her.If this power of beauty is taken to her, she`ll have to start to develop a personality:not just flip her hair like she`s always done. Therfore, yes beauty is power it can sometimes become a curse. For she will grow older, and get her first wrinkle and her children and thier friends will ask her about when she was once young.Now she begins to feel old.Well, there`s always botox, and facelifts, liposuction ,hormones, but after awhile she`ll start to look fake, plastic and of couse as a woman ages ,it`s harder for her to keep that girlish figure, and women with osteoporosis usually develop a hunched over back. as we age ,woman anyway usually shrink in height, thier belly`s hips enlarge. thier once perky bust will sag and she might get alot of junk in her trunk.And than her once shiny smile will be replaced with dentures that will be found in a dish in the bathroom at night, oh what a sight for the grandkisd to see along with a pair of her big girl panties hanging to dry. Oh,i forgot, when granny saw her firsy gray hair,oh what a sight. By now, hopefully granny realizes that we all get older every day we awake we are slowly decaying.Oh to be young,free without a care exept to the prettiest girl on the block, in school,walking down the street and hearing the old familar whistle,or your`e so beautiful or God forbid not hearing it.Girls will be girls and sometimes the not so pretty girls become very mean and cruel to her because they know she is the princess eith the missing slipper and the jealous hateful girls just look so ordinary and fade in the wood work while in her presense. The boys are so mesmerized by her beauty that the other girls feel invisable but in reality they dont just feel invisable, they really are.So should it come as a surpise that the other girls want to tear out this beauty queens hair. Sometimes these ordinary girls want to become Barbie`s friend because they know that maybe somehow if they are her friend that they may be more able to meet guys.I feel sorry for the girl who was born beautiful but who is timid and almost hates the constant attention whether good or bad and wishes at times so was also ordinary looking so she could just blend in .Almost like a Movie star who wears ordinary clothes, no make-up so she can pretend that nobody will recognize her, only to have the Poparatzi crowd around her ask her ton of questions and take a bunch of pictures of her without her permission.Of course, there are many celebrities who wecome all the attention,they almost encourage it, or rather they do encourage it. Look at Lady Gagaas an example. She was very ordinary looking,yes she was a plain jane,but she`s not a plain jane now.She`s far from being ordinary anymore.Getting attention I believe is addicting for some people and it`s getting worse.Retailer`s know this,why look at the daisy dukes all the girls are wearing.Whether these girls our skinny or plump there butts are sqeezing into these tiny shot shorts,Imean their butt cheeks are practically hanging out of thier shorts,Fishnet stockings are next allready in being advertised in the mall windows on these sexy manniquins wearing 6" heels, practically giving the message,Ya want some honey, Iv`e got it. Things have never changed but aren`t thing going a bit far. I wouldn`t want my daughter leaving the house looking like some working girl, even if it`s the style and all her friends look like they walk the street. Haven`t enough girls gone wild already.But when we allow our 8 year olds to dreess like this, it`s only a matter of time.