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  1. 'nAlan commented on Tim Eagan about 1 month ago

    Republicans are fond of demanding loyalty oaths either in support of their nominee, or in regard to how they will vote after a negotiation that is just starting.

    I guess they don’t trust each other. Probably based on a true assessment of their leaders.

    I always thought that one should just promise to do what they think is best for the country (and not necessarily the party). If GOP ‘supporters’ are not happy with trusting to their judgement, they should find someone they can trust. Could be a tough time finding one.

    It will be interesting to see how often they use this brain shackling tactic in the future!

  2. 'nAlan commented on B.C. 10 months ago

    Turtles: Aquatic or semi-aquatic.
    Tortoises: Land dwelling.
    Terrapin: Dwells in brackish water and surrounding land.

    All are in he order called Testudines or Chelonia.

    (like anyone really cares)

  3. 'nAlan commented on B.C. about 1 year ago

    Actually, if we keep on the way we are going (avoiding actually learning anything, only asking our devices for answers), Mankind ourselves will have very little knowledge. So it all will fit on a small napkin in 24 point type.

  4. 'nAlan commented on B.C. almost 2 years ago

    @ Vegas Viper: Go ahead and ask… Séance, Prayer, etc…. Let us know if he answers!

  5. 'nAlan commented on Eric the Circle almost 2 years ago

    As Oblio discovered in the pointless forest, everyone has a point. (Look up the story: “The Point”)

  6. 'nAlan commented on Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal over 2 years ago

    Actually, these are just inaccurate representations. a REAL Klein bottle is an impossible shape: the neck would bend arround and make the mouth WITHOUT passing through the side of the bottle.

  7. 'nAlan commented on B.C. over 3 years ago

    What’s so good about exciting??? Floods, War, Hurricanes, etc. I’ll take boring. Remember the curse: May you live in interesting times!!

  8. 'nAlan commented on Eric the Circle over 3 years ago

    OOps! it was the 9th in Australia, so I don’t know how the 10th got into it. It was all over well before the first post to Eric, probably before Eric showed his anular eclipse.

  9. 'nAlan commented on Eric the Circle over 3 years ago

    I thought thought it was yesterday… I’m sure that I watched the SLOOH webcast of the event yesterday afternoon… Must be an international date line thing. (The webcast was from Austrailia, and yes it was their morning of the 10th). The upshot is that it was already over before the 10th came to north america, which is where I am,

  10. 'nAlan commented on B.C. about 4 years ago

    Refers to Kraft taking the name Mondelez for its global company (Kraft is still Kraft in U.S.)

    Yes, this is obsure for a comic.