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  1. Xeiran commented on Endtown 5 months ago

    Everyone seems to think it’s “highly unlikely” that Jim might recognize Wally from just a few years ago – yet it’s not all that unusual to recognize someone we haven’t seen since childhood? Recognizing someone is about more than just a face, folks – it’s attitude, expression, habit, personal grooming and even attire.

    Going back through the archive it’s obvious Wally was “the odd man out”, the one who all the mercs knew was “pure” and decided to pick on, to force Wally to become bloodied and “one of them”, the sort of thing only a bunch of bullies would do. For many of those mercs, then, that would make Wally far more memorable than even one of their own buddies – certainly I still remember the few who bullied me in the distant past far better than most.

    As for Schism syndrome being physically contagious, I rather doubt it, otherwise it would be far more common. But the likelihood of someone with PTSD like Wally descending into schism of their own accord, even after having supposedly “stabilized” as a mutant? That seems far more likely to me.

    And @A_Dream4u, as I recall – yes it’s been fairly well established that Topsiders are what’s left of Apex.

  2. Xeiran commented on Endtown 5 months ago

    Meh, reality doesn’t have to go loopy here, folks – all this means is, Jim was one of the many Apex mercenaries who knew Jim from Bordavia before WW3 and who “didn’t want to make it easy…” on Wally when it came time to raid the “rebel safehouse”.

  3. Xeiran commented on Endtown 6 months ago

    Has nothing to do with helping Jim and everything to do with protecting the colony, I’m sure. That said, I’d wondered where Aaron was going with this story line. It seemed odd that he’d purposefully introduce an element designed to break a person mentally, like being cheated on by someone you love can do. Now we know – he wants to explore the idea of this new (to us) schism syndrome.

  4. Xeiran commented on Endtown 9 months ago

    @Darwinskeeper – You actually are surprised they think the brain is useful? These reptillians can not only control Dittos, they apparently don’t even bat an eye to the fact others can too. So either Dittos are very easy to control (unlikely, even their creator couldn’t do so in the end), or the reptilians have their own genius Prof Mallard scientist guy who’s disseminated that knowledge to at least one other rival mutant group.

    Which is extremely interesting, since even Prof Mallard couldn’t do so without using Al’s original Dittos as a control group – and most of us bystanders believe Al to be something of a Deus Ex Machina to begin with.

  5. Xeiran commented on Endtown 9 months ago

    The dittos are the rub, aye. I’m actually surprised the reptilians have their own version of Prof Mallard with enough knowledge to be capable of controlling them. Still, Wally’s recognizing their sentience and treating them with respect will be the key to escape (and possibly forment a revolution to boot).

  6. Xeiran commented on Endtown about 1 year ago

    I’d say there’s a real good chance the gun will work, as in “probably”. Why?
    1. “Clive” the transporter. Not just a designation, Clive has a real name, a personality, and knows where it comes from. It also was complicit in the murder of other topsiders as well as escaping from them. Plus, Clive has not locked them out of the vehicle even though they are now all mutants.
    2. Sarah and Jim’s suits – some folks will have noticed when first meeting them that their suits had been “altered” – head antennas missing, etc., suggesting Sarah and/or Jim know how to modify them – or at least sabotage them. Might also suggest they were banished, but then why would Clive listen to them?
    3. Jim’s Zero gun – was used by Jim to kill other topsiders. While not definitive evidence (we’ve never seen topsiders kill other topsiders before), it suggests modification.

  7. Xeiran commented on Endtown over 1 year ago

    Interesting that Cooper describes the current state of Endtown as an “absense of tribalism”, since it could be argued that Endtown is itself a Tribe – a group “similarly minded people” (as opposed to topsiders, anyway) who banded together to share resources and safety in numbers.

    Most animals instinctively form packs of individuals due to the pack’s inherent advantages over individualism; humans being ill-equipped to live on their own are even more inclined to do this Tribes simply describe a like-minded pack of individuals; it is unfortunate that history focuses more on the conflict between tribes for resources, rather than the reason for their existence in the first place.

  8. Xeiran commented on Endtown over 2 years ago

    Some of our world’s largest caves are spectacular and quite huge, some of which have underground rivers running through them (google the Han Son Doong, largest in the world, it is amazing).

    It is therefore possible that a natural cavern was used. Underground rivers would even solve the heat and possibly the air quality problems as well.

    But these humongous caverns were only discovered (or at least documented) in the 19th and 20th century, long after AN shows the Endtown project to have started. And again, keeping it a secret would be nearly impossible with hired help as today’s and yesterday’s strips suggest; you’d need a cult of fanatics to hope to pull that off for any length of time. Hmm. Perhaps like all the rats in security?

    So – assuming one could find the cavern, perform the leveling and shaping excavations needed while maintaining structural integrity without using modern technology (extremely challenging but not impossible), AND keep it all secret for centuries – if one assumes all that, then all this becomes possible without time travel.

    Which just leaves the whole idea of other dimensions to ponder – still a very deep rabbit hole there.

  9. Xeiran commented on Endtown over 2 years ago

    Everyone seems to want the Duchess to be Flask; personally I’d find it more enlightening to the story if it wasn’t Flask.

    But regardless of yes or no, my quibble here is similar to what @Nabuquduriuzhur mentioned yesterday – here is an engineering project “many” centuries in the making that realistically would require technology from no further back than the mid 1800’s to even begin to make much headway. We aren’t just talking the pyramids which you can throw raw manpower at (and no way was history able to keep any of it secret), we’re talking air and cooling challenges that take modern materials science to overcome. Heck, I’m not sure even today’s tech would be capable of preventing collapses and cave-ins for a cavern that big and deep for a period of centuries.

    So either the universe of Endtown is many centuries in the future from our own, or its construction was started many centuries in our past. If t’s the future then AN was very unimaginative in presenting a centuries-later future (pre-distaster) that so closely resembles our present day, never mind an Endtown construction phase who’s culture and mode of dress so closely resemble our 19th century. So let’s assume AN means the past, and all the engineering challenges inherent with that idea.

    If that isn’t time travel, it’s something so close it’s hardly worth quibbling over.

    So why then even bother with building Endtown? Why not just go meddle with history and fix the problems that created the disaster in the first place? Heck, why even stop there?

    This is why Bronkster made his “no time travel” request – because it opens too many “what-if” doors. Time travel may as well be magic – conceivably you can do anything with it given the right circumstances, circumstances which can be manipulated with – you guessed it – time travel!

    Don’t get me wrong, AN tells a great story and I will continue to eaglerly gape at his wonderland – but at this point we have been shown our little rabbit hole is faaar deeper than we ever before suspected, and it would be ridiculous for anyone to argue otherwise.

  10. Xeiran commented on Endtown over 2 years ago

    My private opinion is that even for Aaron’s fantastical world, Marx seems a little too Deux Ex Machina for what has been revealed so far. Seeing Marx in operation reminds me a lot of Dr. Who. Each has apparent knowledge and abilities which seem so far above and beyond that their very existence appears to trivialize everything else.

    In the Dr.‘s case, that’s fine, the story is about him. But in Marx’s case, it’s not fine because up to now the story has not been about him. Even the knowledge and abilities held by Sparkplug Sanders, arguably the biggest genius in the EndTown universe, appears pale by comparison to what Marx seems to know and be capable of. The only other character introduced so far that seems to violate the currently known universe laws is the Oracle, and quite frankly, there’s been so little interaction with that character that the discrepancy can be chalked up to simply being a plot vehicle.