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  1. ck716 commented on Jeff Danziger almost 4 years ago

    Hate the unions all you want. Truth is management got their millions regardless of the company staying in business or closing. When a CEO gets his money regardless of what happens to the company people like you only find reasons to hate the unions. Believe me I’m a non union contractor and I have my issues with unions, but I understand they are essential if the working class wants to earn enough to live. Look at Walmart, as wealthy as the company is, it’s non union employees earn around $22,000/year after six years of working. Now how is a person supposed to survive with those wages?

  2. ck716 commented on Matt Davies almost 4 years ago

    Great point. They’re either dumb or there’s more to it than we can even imagine

  3. ck716 commented on Stuart Carlson about 4 years ago

    Yes and Romney was not a total ass in the first debate? He was “determined” right?