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  1. argy.bargy2 commented on Luann about 4 hours ago

    I have often been puzzled as to why you speak so contemptuously of what you call a ‘fantasy world’ that Luann has.

    The very place where this is occurring is in a ‘universe of the fantastic’; there is no such place, to the best of my knowledge, as ‘Pitts’ California. So your suggestion that only one character here is ‘living in a fantasy world’ is, itself, of the ‘fantastic’.

    Secondly, perhaps you did not notice two things: Toni has given over most of the decision-making to Brad, so she would be less likely to feel any pressure to accept a bridesmaids dress, and Brad, in turn, has given a lot of the decision making to his new ‘wedding planner’, who turns out to be TJ.

    It was TJ who decided that there would be fireworks (even though that was one of the few things Toni said she didn’t want). It was TJ who decided the colors of the bunting that the arch or whatever will be wrapped in. Interestingly those colors are not the white and blue that Brad picked as his color theme, but instead are some kind of green and gold.

    Did you notice that Luann picked blue fabric for her dress, that would have gone along with the blue and white color scheme Brad picked. No, because you much prefer to berate Luann than to ever acknowledge that she might do anything of value.

    So, since TJ is really in charge of design, if he decides to wear a fluorescent yellow tux as both best man and caterer, Brad will probably go along with it. He was so pleased by TJ’s bargaining skills with cottage woman that he would probably accept TJ showing up dressed as a magician…

  2. argy.bargy2 commented on Luann about 5 hours ago

    Maybe the Terrible Teacher?

  3. argy.bargy2 commented on Luann about 5 hours ago

    She is well rid of him.

    All ‘shes’ are well rid of anyone who says ’you’ll be back’, after pompously yawping that they ‘have a life, maybe you should get one’.

    If only readers here could be rid of a certain duck

  4. argy.bargy2 commented on Luann about 5 hours ago

    I have a feeling they will get back together before or during Brad’s Wedding

    I hope you are wrong. What exactly is the ‘feeling’? Pain in the neck, or the stomach? Maybe your feeling is just indigestion?

  5. argy.bargy2 commented on Luann 3 days ago

    I am puzzled why so many people think that Luann’s friends (like Gunther and Bernice) would be invited to a wedding of Toni (whom they’ve probably never even met) and Brad, who is not their friend.

    I’m probably wrong, because it seems like the improbably often happens in ‘Pitts’, but for a regular ordinary wedding, the ‘friends of the sister of the groom’ are not usually on the guest list….

  6. argy.bargy2 commented on Dark Side of the Horse 3 days ago

    Best effort at breaking the fourth wall we’ve seen yet! Congrats!!!

  7. argy.bargy2 commented on Luann 3 days ago

    Gunther had started his pursuit of Bernice because he has a certain view of his future; that view includes a wife who is academically inclined the way he is.

    This is part of the reason he left Rosa behind, even though he told the elderly tourists on the bus in Peru that he was leaving totally because his mother was involved with Mr. Gray. Rosa’s picture of the future just didn’t fit with what Gunther wants.

    For that same reason, it is not logical for Gunther to make an effort toward a romantic relationship with either Luann or Tiffany. He is attracted to both physically, but has such a strong attachment to this view of his future (become an engineer, marry academically inclined woman, have kids and house, etcetera), that I honestly think he will forgo any effort at a relationship with either Luann or Tiffany. Neither are ‘academically inclined’, although they are NOT dumb. Just not as ‘book-learning oriented’ as Bernice appears to be.

    If Rosa did show up pregnant, that might shake up his ‘world view’. But that’s about the only thing that would, I think. If she just shows up and wants a husband to go back and do community organizing stuff in Peru, I think is answer would be ‘no’…

  8. argy.bargy2 commented on Luann 5 days ago

    And I wish someone would design a much better package for grass fed ground beef that you didn’t have to cut open with kitchen shears, losing half the ground beef in the process…

  9. argy.bargy2 commented on Luann 5 days ago

    The major cause of tuition increases at colleges and universities is the fact that most state legislatures (which used to provide a significant portion of the operating budget for state universities) have cut back significantly on the funds given to universities.

    More and more, universities and colleges are refusing to actually hire fulltime professors and instead are bringing people onboard as associates. These folks aren’t full time, are not salaried and do not receive benefits. There was a horrible case recently of a woman who held one of these positions and did not even have life insurance; she passed away and her distant relatives could not afford the cost of burial.

    Interestingly, state legislatures assume that federal grants to unis (which are on the decline) will fill that gap, along with funds from alums. But most alumni funding goes to sports…

  10. argy.bargy2 commented on Luann 5 days ago

    The actor who played Hamilton Burger, William Talman (sp?) passed away from lung cancer some time ago. Like Yul Brynner, he did an antismoking commercial while dying. (In fact, it was the actor’s last work.) His son is also an actor and I think is still among the living…